Brunch Redeemed Food snobs might call brunch passé, but even they couldn't resist recipes a delicious and easy as these.
Star Cookies At the Dancing Deer Baking Company, a grandmother's recipe box yields ideas for great, old-fashioned cookies.

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Magnificent Roasts 101 All of these impressive cuts of meat are available at better supermarkets and butcher shops, but they may have to be ordered in advance.
World News Steamy scenes in Lucerne; Helsinki's high style; a star chef returns to Toronto; catching up with Madrid.
London's Calling Michael London has devoted his life to bread. Here, his recipe for the perfect white loaf, plus his son Max's ideas for bread pudding and more.
Winning Sides | Vegetable Dishes

From spicy broccoli to honeyed sweet potatoes, seven innovative recipes to get you excited about eating your vegetables.

Gadget Guidance

Three kitchenware fanatics name the tools they refuse to live without.

A Writer's Berlin In a nightlong eating marathon, an American novelist tries to uncover the secrets of Berlin's favorite fast food.
Private Paradise A cookbook author exchanges the bustle of Manhattan for the bliss of Martinique and a tiny private island (pop. 10) with its own chef.
Do-It-Yourself Ducasse Alain Ducasse's pricey New York restaurant has been eaten alive by the press. So when a journalist and his family try to cook a Ducassian dinner for the chef, it's payback time. Or is it?
Port Primer In six minutes, you can learn enough about port to sound like a genius. No, really.
Supermarket Specials In France they are grocery-store ingredients; in America they are indulgences. An editor gives us a look at her European shopping list.
A Big Easy Christmas

Star chef Susan Spicer comes from a strong European Christmas tradition. But in New Orleans, her holiday means palm trees, swimming pools and a magnificent Southern feast.

Mix Masters Bordeaux-style blends have become California superstars. Here's why the magic's in the mix.
Flour Power Annie Collins made biscuits every day. But when her granddaughter tries to duplicate them, she finds her memory as flawed as those biscuits were flawless.
The Perfect Roast

The ultimate holiday luxury: beautiful, simple-to-prepare cuts of meat that serve more than a dozen.

Dining with the Digerati In the wild, wired world of Silicon Valley, deals mean more than dinner—even at the places where you can actually get a good meal.
The Kitchen That Could The tale of a battered stove, an ancient dishwasher—and a rousing dinner party that confounded everybody's expectations.
Cook Like a Chef A new spate of cookbooks promises to free you from recipe dependence and teach you how to think like a chef.
The Holiday Table Art As Inspiration For decorating ideas that go beyond Christmas cliches, F&W asked three free-thinking Parisian artists to design holiday tables.
Château Celebration When cookbook author Lydie Marshall spends Christmas at her château-turned-school in Provence, she satisfies her guests with delicious and homey dishes.
A Cheese Course News from the fromage front: artisans, books and a plea to save raw-milk cheeses.