Directory 2012 Where to find the beautiful dishes, linens, glassware and more from the pages of Food & Wine.
Swim-Up Dinner Party Founded by two Chez Panisse cooks, The Market in Massachusetts is an ambitious fish shack steps from the Atlantic. Here, its founders throw a party for their crew.
Hollywood Canning Party: Preservation Instinct Actor Bill Pullman, who’s appearing in the new documentary The Fruit Hunters, has turned his obsession with exotic fruit trees into a second career (almost). Here, he hosts a preserving party at his lush and lovely Hollywood orchard.
Best Restaurants in Miami Michelle Bernstein of Miami’s Michy’s and Sra. Martinez shares her restaurant picks.
A Cowboy Cookout at 10,000 Feet On a four-day, 55-mile horseback ride from Vail to Aspen, writer Eugenia Bone discovers how good outdoor cooking can get, thanks to Colorado chef Kelly Liken.