Chef Way, Real Way Some restaurant food is impossible to reproduce at home: It's just too complicated. Here, we streamlined the ingredient lists and simplified the techniques of three star chefs--Alfred Portale, Wayne Nish and Laurent Tourondel--to create eight easy dishes that evoke the delicious flavors of the originals.
Easy Dishes for Anxiety-Free Entertaining In Relax, Company's Coming, Author Kathy Gunst offers advice and easy dishes for anxiety-free entertaining. The wonderful new recipes she offers here will also help cooks keep their cool.
A Signature Dinner Party Nobu dotted scallops with chili paste; Daniel Boulud stuffed quail with figs. At a dinner celebrating signature style, four chefs prepared signature dishes for two dozen guests and their two hosts, F&W's Dana Cowin and theme-party expert Rena Sindi.
Mexico City's Moment

The capital is in mid-transformation as new restaurants proliferate and even Starbucks debuts. But don't worry: The culture is more potent than a hundred coffee bars.

Stars & Stripes British designer Paul Smith adores a good meal--he's even put his trademark stripes on plates. Here he teams up with Nigel Slater, the BBC cooking star, to discuss "normal guy food" and make some simple recipes.