Save Up to $140 on These Miele Vacuums, Including a Food & Wine-Tested Favorite

The expensive brand rarely goes on sale.

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We would be lying if we said our kitchen’s couldn’t all use a little TLC — and that includes a good vacuum. Made to suck up those hard-to-reach crumbs and unpreventable collections of debris from kids, pets, and everyday life, having a good one on deck is key for keeping your space clean. Though there are tons on the market, some of the most coveted brands like Miele can come with a daunting price tag, and they rarely go on sale. 

That is until today. Williams Sonoma slashed the prices of three different models, including one of our tested favorites, with deals up to $140 off. From simple stick vacuums to heftier cleaning companions, there’s an option waiting for you. 

Miele Triflex HX1 Vacuum

Williams Sonoma

To buy: Miele Triflex HX1 Vacuum, $459 (originally $599) at 

As the brand’s first ever cordless vacuum, the Triflex HX1 is your best bet for a straightforward buy, and it’s $140 off. It’s got a 3-in-1 design, meaning you can configure it in different ways for comfort and effectiveness. We loved this aspect in testing, since you can move the motor and dustbin lower on the stick for comfort, as well as move it up to toggle under hard to reach spaces, and remove it entirely for a handheld option. 

It also automatically adapts to different surfaces, which is key when you’re going over hardwood floors to softer surfaces like carpeting. You’ll get around 60-minutes of wireless run time, and there’s a charging station that you can stand alone or mount in a more permanent place. 

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If you’ve got a few pets running around or tend to collect more dander day-to-day, there’s an upgraded version of the Triflex HX1 on sale, too. It’s got the same 3-in-1 configuration, just with more suction and visibility, since it comes with an LED light to help you catch those hard-to-see bits. You’ll get a special brush designed to pick up pet hair (and other debris, too) more effectively. 

There’s virtually no guesswork involved with this vacuum, with even more features involved. It automatically adjusts depending on what surface you’re cleaning or brush you’re using, too. 

Miele Triflex HX1 Vacuum Cat and Dog

Williams Sonoma

To buy: Miele Triflex HX1 Vacuum, Cat and Dog, $659 (originally $799) at 

Another big perk is the HEPA filter included. The original Triflec HX1 comes with a hygiene filter, while the upgraded version is fitted with a HEPA filter that not only collects bacteria and mold, but also helps filter out allergies like dust, dander, pollen, and more. So, this vacuum is perfect if you struggle with common household allergens.  

For the folks who aren’t looking for a stick vacuum, don’t overlook the Boost CX1 while it’s on sale. This model is canister style, meaning it comes with a larger, bagless dust bin. This is a great choice if you don’t want to clean out the bin too often, since stick vacuums tend to have smaller canisters, or if you don’t want to worry about charging the battery, as it comes with a cord. 

Miele Boost CX1 Cat & Dog

Williams Sonoma

To buy: Miele Boost CX1 Cat and Dog Vacuum, $579 (originally $679) at 

The compact design has four different functions ranging from minimum to maximum power depending on the surface you’re using. It comes with three accessories for further versatility, such as an upholstery nozzle, a crevice nozzle, and a dust brush. The vacuum comes with the same HEPA filter and a fine dust filter for extra cleaning, especially when it comes to debris from pets. 

If you’re on the hunt for vacuums with power, don’t hesitate to snap these up since Miele vacuums aren't on sale too often. Score them up to $140 off now at Williams Sonoma. 

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