Veal is very tender, superlean and just as easy to cook as a simple steak. Just like any other lean meat, veal runs the risk of becoming overcooked and dried out. Bone-in, thick chops, on the other hand, cook up extra flavorful and juicy. And since a "chop" just means a piece of meat cut perpendicular to the spine, you have a few options to choose from when browsing the butcher's display case—mainly cuts from the shoulder, ribs or loin. Whichever one you choose, Food & Wine will guide you through steakhouse-worthy recipes, flavorful sauce ideas and perfected cooking methods.

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Veal Chops with Sage and Plums
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Venice-based blogger Skye McAlpine dusts her veal chops with flour before sautéing to give them a light, crisp coating. If you can't find beautiful firm plums, she suggests grapes as a perfect alternative. Slideshow:  More Veal Recipes 
Veal Chops
Pan-fried veal chops with mushrooms and cilantro and veal chops with tomato and green mango salad are just a few of the delicious veal chop recipes featured in this gallery.
Veal Chops with Chorizo Stuffing
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These luxurious chops, stuffed with a brilliant combination of sliced mushrooms, sausage and pecorino, can only be improved by one thing: a side of crispy and creamy fried polenta.Plus: More Beef Recipes and Tips
Pan-Roasted Veal Chops with Cabernet Sauce
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Chef Robert Wiedmaier gives butchering demos at the Butcher's Block in Alexandria, Virginia. At his restaurant next door, Brabo, he serves elegant dishes, like this veal chop. To make the wine sauce even more complex, use demiglace (concentrated veal stock) instead of beef stock and flour. Demiglace is available from dartagnan.comMore Veal Recipes
Cizma's Grilled Veal Chop with Tasso, Foie Gras and Sorrel
The Pinot Noir syrup that garnishes the chops is intense. It adds a tart note that is a perfect foil to the rich sauce, but use only a few drops per serving.Plus: More Beef Recipes and Tips