For centuries, veal's delicate flavor has enticed meat connoisseurs. Its fine texture is highlighted in a number of Italian dishes from veal parmesan to osso buco as well as veal chops and stews. Here are remarkable tips and recipes to make the best veal dishes at home.

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Oven-Braised Veal Stew with Black Pepper and Cherries
A rich, wintry stew with a tart, slightly sweet bite from sour cherries gets its deep flavor from tender veal. Choose pork shoulder for a fattier, slightly juicier dish. Recipe adapted from Beyond The North Wind by Darra Goldstein.
Veal Roast with Green Mashed Potatoes
Chef Eli Dahlin of Dame in Portland, Oregon, uses this “backwards” mashed potato technique for entertaining. Cook, cool and rice your potatoes in advance. When it’s time to serve, stir them into the hot butter and cream until thickened. The particularly springy version here is then finished with a puree of bright green peas, mint and lemon zest. Slideshow: More Veal Recipes 
Braised Veal Shanks
To delicately braise veal shanks, Persian cook Mahin Gilanpour Motamed simmers them on the stovetop instead of in the oven, ideally using a heat diffuser to keep the braise from getting too dark.
Veal Chops with Sage and Plums
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Venice-based blogger Skye McAlpine dusts her veal chops with flour before sautéing to give them a light, crisp coating. If you can't find beautiful firm plums, she suggests grapes as a perfect alternative. Slideshow:  More Veal Recipes 
Wiener Schnitzel with Potato-Cucumber Salad
At San Luis, an Alto Adige mountain retreat, the regional food is heavily influenced by the hotel's Austrian and German neighbors. This classic schnitzel is the perfect example, but San Luis's chef Arturo Spicocchi has lightened a traditional potato salad by folding in thinly sliced crisp cucumber. Slideshow:  More Veal Recipes 
Veal Chops
Pan-fried veal chops with mushrooms and cilantro and veal chops with tomato and green mango salad are just a few of the delicious veal chop recipes featured in this gallery.

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These fantastic recipes include veal chops with chorizo stuffing and pappardelle with veal ragù.
Fried Veal Cutlets with Herb Salad
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Adding a crunchy coating made with bread crumbs helps cutlets to stay moist as they're pan-fried. Here, Melissa Rubel Jacobson serves veal cutlets with a deliciously fresh and tangy salad that combines watercress with parsley, tarragon and snipped chives, but any combination of herbs would be great. More 30-Minute Recipes