Turkey Breast

Turkey breasts might be the nemesis of every Thanksgiving cook out there. By the time the thighs and drumsticks actually come to an edible temperature, the breast can be overcooked and completely dried out. Food & Wine offers tips for keeping your turkey breast juicy and flavorful—during stressed holidays or not. Follow detailed directions for brining, basting, roasting and more for times when you want to conquer this fussy ingredient. Once you get the skills, you'll never have to eat dry turkey again.

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How to Salt-Roast Turkey
Roast this year’s bird in a salt crust for the juiciest turkey ever.
Salt-Crusted Turkey
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Banish any chance of a dry bird with this salt-crusted turkey breast. Salt-roasting is a technique that is often employed to keep lean fish moist while roasting; the mixture of salt and egg whites forms a nearly airtight crust when baked, locking in moisture and flavor. It works the same magic with turkey. Whereas traditional methods for roasting turkey tend to yield dry white meat, salt-roasting delivers an incredibly juicy breast that's perfectly seasoned to the bone, with no brining required. Use kosher salt to ensure maximum coverage at a reasonable cost. While a 10- to 15-minute rest is ideal, the turkey breast can rest in its crust up to 30 minutes while remaining juicy and tender.
Turkey Shwarma with Cabbage Salad
Think of this sandwich as a Middle Eastern taco. 2012 F&W Best New Chef Jenn Louis, of Ray restaurant in Portland, Oregon, wraps a soft lavash flatbread around thinly sliced oven-roasted turkey breast (no vertical spit needed) and crunchy Israeli cabbage salad. It gets great flavor from lettuce zhug (based on the fiery Yemeni herb condiment), spiced shawarma oil and tangy dill pickles. Slideshow: More Turkey Breast Recipes 
Turkey Breast Recipes
Roasting a whole turkey is always tricky, since the breast can dry out while the dark meat finishes cooking. If you're hosting a smaller crowd or an intimate Thanksgiving dinner, try just cooking the breast. Here, 6 delicious ideas.
Spicy Turkey and Veggie Tacos
A taco bar is the ultimate casual meal for guests, according to Adrian Harris & Jeremy Inglett, the Vancouver duo known as The Food Gays. "It's the best of both worlds, if you think about it. You get to prepare an impressive spread of food with very little effort involved, and your guests get to indulge while picking and choosing how they want to dress up their plate. There's way less fuss and worry about covering all your guests personal tastes and preferences, and bonus—tacos just seem to make people happy. This recipe is just for the 2 of us, but it can easily be scaled up for more" Slideshow:  More Taco Recipes 
Turkey and Spinach Soup
You can easily swap out baby arugula for the spinach if that's what you've got on hand. Slideshow: More Turkey Soup Recipes 

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Turkey and Egg Drop Soup
Browning the turkey first adds depth of flavor to the stock. Slideshow: More Turkey Soup Recipes 
Turkey Noodle Soup
This take on chicken noodle is every bit as satisfying as the classic. Slideshow: More Turkey Soup Recipes