Hot Dogs

What's more American than hotdogs? Baseball games, backyard BBQs—even the streets of New York City wouldn't be the same without them. A juicy hotdog with a few passes of ketchup may be traditional, but when it comes to toppings, we say load them on. Hotdogs topped with cheddar and sautéed apples, BLT hot dogs, and bacon-wrapped hot dogs with avocado; for these and more ways to dress up your dogs, check out our Food & Wine guide to hotdogs. We've also included our picks for the best hotdogs across the country, so you can try the best of this classic American dish.

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Chorizo-and-Kimchi Dogs
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At Claudette Zepeda's regional Mexican restaurant in San Diego, this dish is served as an homage to the Sonoran hot dog. Easy hacks like crumbled chorizo make this restaurant favorite easy to pull off for backyard entertaining.
Ultimate Loaded Chili-Topped Hot Dogs
Like any “loaded” situation, this hot dog is all about constructing your plate. Split-top buns allow you to hollow out the sides a bit, fitting extra toppings into each bite. A touch of sweetness in the chili balances out the salt from Corn Nuts and the hot dog, while the sharp bite of pickled jalapeños creates balance. Radishes and sour cream offer a welcome hit of freshness. The chili can easily be made ahead of time for quick assembly the day of.
9 Best DIY Condiments for Hot Dogs
In the latest episode of Mad Genius Tips, grill master Justin Chapple demonstrates that by spiralizing your hot dog, you can achieve an optimal condiment-to-dog ratio in every bite. Here are nine killer DIY condiments for you to take your dogs to new heights.
Crosshatch Hot Dogs on Grilled Croissants
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These sweet-savory glazed hot dogs were inspired by a dish Marcia Kiesel discovered at a Manhattan Chinatown restaurant. They're cut in a crosshatch pattern, which makes the franks cook even faster, and served in a grilled mustard-brushed croissant. More Quick Grilling Recipes