A whole ham usually shows up on Christmas or Easter tables, but ham doesn't have to be saved for special occasions. When you cook with ham steaks, slices or cubes, you can make everyday sandwiches, soups, pastas and more that much better. Ham can add subtle smoky, salty flavor to a dish without a lot of hassle. F&W's guide to ham has you covered for everything from a labor-intensive Christmas spread to a quick weekday lunch idea. Find recipes for glazing whole hams, using up holiday leftovers or adding ham to a classic breakfast dish.

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Guinness-Glazed Ham

A simple glaze of dark stout and brown sugar develops a malty, caramel-like bittersweetness in the oven. Irish ham is a bit less salty than American ham and has a thin layer of fat, which absorbs the flavors of the glaze.

Pomegranate-Jalapeño-Glazed Ham

At Akasha in L.A., chef Akasha Richmond prepares a sweet-and-spicy glaze for ham using house-made pomegranate-jalapeño jelly. An easier alternative: doctoring store-bought jalapeño jelly with pomegranate juice. More Holiday Recipes

Spiced Brown Sugar Ham with Apple Jus

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The secret to this supertender ham is keeping it wrapped in foil while it’s cooking and resting, letting it reabsorb any moisture released during the cooking process. “If you can’t pick up the foil-wrapped ham without burning yourself, then it’s not done resting!” says pork pro Kevin Gillespie, chef at Revival in Decatur, Georgia. Slideshow: More Ham Recipes 

Clove-and-Cider-Glazed Ham

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For entertaining, TV chef Carla Hall glazes a spiral-cut ham with apple cider, brown sugar, mustard, bourbon and sweet spices.   Slideshow:  More Ham Recipes 

32 Ham Recipes to Master

Soft scrambled eggs with ham and truffles. Apple-ham quiche. Giardiniera with ham and white beans. This roundup celebrates some of our best ham recipes, going beyond the typical glazed hams for the holidays—although we’ve included plenty of those, too. With over 30 to choose from, you’re bound to find a few new favorites to add to your rotation.

DIY Honey-Baked Ham

Honey-baked hams are impressive, and who doesn’t love the leftovers? You can order a honey-baked ham, but we like to make our own DIY version. First it’s basted with apple juice, then it’s glazed with a sweet-spicy mix of brown sugar, honey, honey mustard, black pepper and cayenne. For a sweeter ham, omit the cayenne. For a more savory one, use Dijon mustard in place of the honey mustard and add a pinch more of both black pepper and cayenne. Slideshow: More Ham Recipes 

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Saba-and-Dijon-Glazed Easter Ham

We’re switching up the traditional sugar-crusted holiday ham by using saba, a sweet and slightly acidic syrup made from cooked-down grape must (similar to aged balsamic). We bake the ham on a bed of carrots and shallots so the drippings flavor the vegetables in the oven.    Slideshow: More Easter Recipes 

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