Everything gets better if you add a little bacon—and Americans are certainly putting forth their best efforts. We've made bacon ice cream, put bacon inside our waffles, wrapped it around every type of food and even made it into lollipops. If anything, we're having a hard time figuring out where bacon can't go. James Beard Award-winning author Josh Ozersky pinpoints the reason behind our obsession: "Nothing brings the bliss like bacon: a sudden rush of saltiness and sweetness and fat and smoke, and no fewer than six types of umami." Food & Wine will help you squeeze even more bacon into your life with awesome recipes, tips for making large batches at once and unexpected ways to add this smoky meat to your next meal.

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How Long Does Bacon Last in the Fridge?
Wondering about that opened (or unopened) package of bacon in your fridge? We'll tell you if it's safe to eat or if you should toss it out.
Chile Crisp-Glazed Bacon Bites
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For this party snack, meaty bites of slow-roasted slab bacon are tossed with a homemade chile crisp that's studded with freshly toasted chunks of dried chiles, fresh ginger, and garlic. Native to Mexico, slender and spicy dried Japones chiles lend their heat to this quick and easy version of the popular Chinese condiment. For an even easier version, try this with your favorite store-bought version of chile crisp.
How to Make Bacon in the Oven That’s Perfect Every Time
This method is by far the easiest, most foolproof way to make loads of bacon for lots of hungry people.
The Best Bacon in America
One of the most difficult parts of being America’s Bacon Critic is that I haven’t been able to lovingly catalogue every single bacon that I’ve tasted. My notes are legion and mostly scribbled on paper smeared with pork fat as well as ink. When you’re on the hunt for the best bacon in the country, you sample a shitload of bacon. And I ate some fantastic bacon that, while worthy in many ways, fell slightly short in one category or another. Or in some cases really short (yes, there is bad bacon out there, I’m sad to admit). So, here, finally, is your answer. Your verdict. I have decided what I feel is the best bacon in the United States. But! There are some other bacons that bear mentioning, if only to show you that I haven’t been slacking off in my pursuit of smoked-pork sublimity. Here, then, before we get to the best of the best, are what I like to refer to as the Bacon Superlatives. It’s like your high school yearbook: best-dressed; wittiest; most handsome; most ambitious, etc., but for the best bacons. If you're curious, I was voted “most likely to wind up writing commercial jingles with Jesse from Full House” (true story). So here are ten bacons that, while not reaching the top tier, still deserve a tip of the cap for one of their notable qualities. After those, I'll get to what you came here for: the best bacon in America. Scott Gold, Extra Crispy

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Bacon Jam
Brightened by apple cider vinegar and tomatoes, our bacon jam adds sweet, tart and smoky flavors to countless dishes. We like this condiment spread on toast and served with an egg, layered into a grilled cheese sandwich or spooned on goat-cheese topped crostini. Slideshow: More Jam Recipes 

Harissa-Spiced Cassoulet

Rating: 4 stars

This North African–inspired cassoulet is chef Gavin Kaysen’s nod to all the different cultures in Minneapolis, where his restaurant, Spoon and Stable, is located. “I wanted to showcase new flavors, but in a familiar format,” says Kaysen. “I like seeing another culture’s view of comfort food.” Slideshow:  North African Recipes to Try