Impress guests with this show-stopping roast.

Porchetta, a traditional Italian street food, is a moist and fatty pork roast that's fantastic for a crowd. While it does take some time, it's easy to make and well-worth the patience. Your guests will agree when they first cut into the extra-crispy, extra-delicious skin. Here, five amazing recipes for rich, crackling-coated porchetta.

1. Mario's Easy Roman-Style Pork Roast

Mario's Easy Roman-Style Pork Roast

Star chef Mario Batali creates a simple version of Italian porchetta, wrapping butterflied pork shoulder around a sausage-and-fennel stuffing before roasting.

2. Crisp-Skinned Porchetta with Lemon and Chile

Crisp-Skinned Porchetta with Lemon and Chile

Amp up the heat with crushed red pepper.

3. Roast Pork Shoulder with Fennel and Potatoes

This juicy boneless pork roast has a crispy, herb-crusted exterior.

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4. Armandino's Herb-Rubbed Porchetta

Famed salumi maker Armandino Batali (Mario Batali's father) uses an especially thin piece of pork belly to simplify rolling up the meat.

5. Porchetta


This crowd-pleasing pork roast, made from brined, seasoned pork belly, has crisp, crackling skin and tender meat flavored with rosemary, garlic and fennel.