Terrific recipes for juicy pork chops and tenderloins, fresh-baked hams, sausages and deliciously crispy bacon.

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Adobo Pork Belly Nigiri
One of the most sought-after dishes at the Los Angeles restaurant Spoon & Pork is this bite of pork belly atop sushi rice. Chefs Raymond Yaptinchay and Jay Tugas describe their food as modern Filipino, citing influences from the Philippines and California. Here, well-seasoned sushi rice pairs with salty and spicy pork belly in a complex snack that takes some time to make, but each component can be prepared in advance. The pork belly is crispy on the outside and tender inside, and is topped with crunchy nori and furikake for even more texture and flavor. A dot of sriracha sauce adds acidity and heat to cut through the fatty pork, while the chives lend a pop of freshness.
Lechon Kawali with Atchara (Pickled Green Papaya)
At Chicago's Bayan Ko, chef Lawrence Letrero and his wife and partner Raquel Quadreny meld his Filipino and her Cuban heritages in each plate of food. Their intentions come together perfectly in this lechon, featuring pork belly meltingly tender underneath a crispy crust. The  crunchy atchara, a pickled papaya salad, balances the richness of the pork with spicy, salty, acidic and fresh notes, while the sweet-sour dipping sauce pulls all the flavors together. The atchara will keep in the refrigerator for a couple of months; use any leftover to add a tart kick to tacos and sandwiches.
Air Fryer Pork Chops With Maple-Soy Glaze
This Air Fryer Pork Chops recipe gets irresistible flavor from a maple syrup-soy sauce mixture as well as a maple-soy glaze. The chops pair perfectly with a bed of creamy polenta or mashed potatoes, and a pickled red onion topping adds brightness.Brushing these pork chops with a maple syrup-soy sauce mixture before cooking them in the air fryer results in some delicious charring around the edges. You'll need to cook the pork chops in two batches, so be sure to keep your oven on 200°F so you can keep the first two chops warm while the remaining two are in the air fryer. The pork chops also get a light coating of maple-soy glaze before going in the oven, which has an extra punch of flavor thanks to rice vinegar and Sriracha. Homemade, vibrant pickled red onions top the finished chops—feel free to use store-bought if you'd like to save time. Serve the pork chops over a bed of creamy polenta or mashed potatoes, and top with the remaining glaze and the pickled onions.
Instant Pot Pork Tenderloin
Pork tenderloin cooked in the Instant Pot comes out tender and juicy. This particular recipe gets a boost of flavor from a spice rub that includes light brown sugar for sweetness, paprika, chili powder, onion powder, and cayenne pepper, as well as salt and pepper. Make sure you use a 1 ½-pound tenderloin, as a smaller cut of meat will overcook. Cooking the potatoes in chicken stock along with the pork (and pork drippings) means they emerge garlicky and savory, ready to be mashed with butter while you wilt the kale in the pot with the reserved cooking liquid. The entire meal is ready in just one hour, so it's a great option for busy nights where you still want something substantial. If you would like the doneness of the pork to be closer to medium, let the pressure release naturally for two minutes before venting the pot to manually release the pressure.
Apple Cider Glazed Ham
Pulling off an impressive holiday ham at home takes just a few simple steps. Start with a good-quality, bone-in spiral-cut ham — make sure it is unglazed. Coat it with this deliciously sweet apple cider glaze featuring light brown sugar, honey, and Dijon mustard. Brushing the glaze onto the ham in 15-minute intervals during the last 30 minutes of baking creates a wonderfully sticky and caramelized crust. Serve any leftovers on biscuits with a slather of mustard.
Pork Cheeks with Pickled Onions, Mustard Seeds, and Daikon
This dish spotlights pork cheeks, an unsung but delicious cut that is just one of the ways winemaker and restaurateur André Mack showcases American wine and pork at his Brooklyn ham bar, & Sons. Giving pork cheeks a wet brine in the refrigerator followed by an hour in the pressure cooker renders tender, juicy, perfectly cooked meat. The unctuous and hearty meat is balanced by the fresh tang and pleasant crunch from the pickled onions and mustard seeds. They bring a vinegary bite to balance the rich and fatty pork; the onions retain their crisp-tender texture while the mustard seeds burst with juicy brine. The recipe makes more pickles than you will need immediately; keep the extra in the refrigerator to garnish hard-boiled or deviled eggs, or to add a punch of flavor to a ham or turkey sandwich. This is a good recipe project for a special weekend dinner. Be sure to start planning a few days ahead of time, to allow the pork cheeks their full two days of brining time. And take your time while cooking, especially to keep an eye on the jus as it cooks to ensure it doesn't over-reduce; as it thickens, the bubbling will slow down.

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Smoked Pork Butt
This recipe is perfect for your next weekend cookout. You can use Boston butt or pork shoulder; either will yield incredibly smoky, tender, and juicy meat. After rubbing the mustard into the pork and sprinkling on the brown sugar mixture, allow it to rest at room temperature while you prepare the smoker — this will not only allow the rub to permeate deeper into the meat, but also help expedite the cooking process slightly. Keep the temperature in the smoker as consistent as possible, and refill with hot coals as needed. Don't use quick-light types of charcoal, which will give the meat a chemical taste. Serve the pork with a barbecue sauce of your choice and classic barbecue sides, such as baked beans, potato salad or chips, and coleslaw.
Bacon-Wrapped Air Fryer Pork Tenderloin
Cooking this pork tenderloin in the air fryer results in perfectly juicy, tender meat that's nicely flavored with fresh thyme and garlic. For ultra-crispy bacon on the exterior, make sure to use regular-cut bacon instead of thick-cut. If the tenderloin has tapered ends, tuck them under so it has an even thickness. While the pork rests, air-fry sliced vegetables and fennel to round out the meal.
Sweetened Condensed Milk Carnitas
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A fragrant blend of dried herbs, spices, and garlic flavors this slow-cooked pork, which gets a touch of balancing sweetness and acidity from fresh orange juice. A surprising ingredient here, sweetened condensed milk, helps the pork caramelize during cooking. Source a well-marbled pork roast for this recipe; the extra fat doubles down on the rich pork flavor. Many cooks in Mexico City add sweetened condensed milk to carnitas, says Pati Jinich, who created this stunningly good recipe. Try treating the Sweetened Condensed Milk Carnitas like pulled pork, and tuck the tasty shreds into fluffy Sweetened Condensed Milk Rolls.