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Terrific recipes for juicy pork chops and tenderloins, fresh-baked hams, sausages and deliciously crispy bacon.

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Slow-Cooked Pork Belly with Potatoes, Onions, and Garlic

Pre-seasoning the pork belly with salt not only flavors the meat itself, but creates a crispy crust, while dry white wine helps balance the richly fatty meat. Save rendered fat for searing vegetables or making onion confit.
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Pork Loin Braised with Mushrooms and Wine

Fistfuls of fresh herbs, fragrant strips of orange peel, and plenty of garlic perfume the wine-infused braising liquid penetrates this essential Corsican comfort food. The resulting jus is vibrant and richly seasoned; ladle extra over the polenta on each plate.
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Yunnan-Style Spicy Pork–Stuffed Eggplant

This dish is a specialty of shaokao, or barbecue, cooks in China’s Yunnan province, and it leans on a fragrant spice mixture that includes dried chiles; Szechuan peppercorns; and the piny, fragrant black cardamom that is so important in central Yunnan cooking. Use a seedless Japanese eggplant; Italian varieties are generally too bitter and may have too many hard seeds.
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Pork Chops with Three-Apple Slaw

For his zippy version of coleslaw, F&W’s Justin Chapple swaps the cabbage for a mix of sweet and tart apples—Gala, Honeycrisp, and Granny Smith—and then tosses them with a creamy, Tabasco-laced dressing.
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Grilled Pork Chops with Honey Garlic Glaze

A simply glaze, made of sticky-sweet honey, savory soy sauce, and fresh garlic, drenches each perfectly grilled pork chop in this recipe from Chef Ludo Lefebvre. For the most evenly cooked pork, with delicious char and grill marks, Lefebvre instructs flipping the pork frequently over high heat for the first several minutes of cooking, and then finishing the meat on lower heat. 
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How to Make Bacon in the Oven That’s Perfect Every Time

This method is by far the easiest, most foolproof way to make loads of bacon for lots of hungry people.
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Cold Saimin Salad with Soy-Ginger Grilled Pork

This Hawaiian-style cold ramen noodle salad recipe is topped with slices of addictively savory, crispy pork shoulder, crunchy bean sprouts, tender ribbons of egg, shredded nori, and slices of Japanese pickled cucumber. A cooling dressing of dashi, rice wine vinegar, and sake brings it all together. It makes a refreshing lunch or a hearty side dish at a cookout. If you can’t get your hands on saimin noodles, a Hawaiian wheat noodle usually served in broth (like ramen), look for dried ramen noodles at Asian grocery stores, or use the noodles from three instant ramen packages.
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Green Chorizo

Traditional chorizo boasts a garnet color from smoky chile powder and paprika; this herb-forward Green Chorizo gets color and bright, smoky flavors from a thick paste of charred green chiles, cilantro, and oregano. The quick blast of heat during cooking slightly dulls the color of the herbs, so this recipe uses a dash of spinach powder to amp up the green. (We like Koyah brand spinach powder). This chorizo is made with Mexican oregano; unlike Greek oregano, which is a member of the mint family, Mexican oregano is from the verbena family and has more citrusy undertones. (It’s a subtle difference, so substituting one for the other is just fine!) For the best results, don’t let the Green Chorizo rest too long before cooking it; if you let it sit longer than 30 minutes, the acid in the vinegar will start to negatively impact the texture of the pork. Try it in these Green Chorizo and Potato Tacos.
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Mtsvadi (Grilled Pork Skewers with Pomegranate and Onions)

These Georgian mtsvadi, or grilled meat skewers, are made from well-marbled pork shoulder tossed with raw onions and finished with freshly squeezed pomegranate juice. Leave the fat intact for sizzling, juicy meat with plenty of crispy bits. In Georgia, the skewers are often grilled over the embers of grape vines. They’re traditionally served with tkemali, a fantastically sour plum sauce. Break these kebabs out for a summer cookout, or serve them with pkhali, khachapuri, and eggplant and walnut rolls for a Georgian-style dinner party.