It's a shame that lamb is typically reserved for special occasions like Easter and Passover dinner. This versatile protein can be cooked in any number of styles and makes an easy weeknight meal. Do you like pork chops? Try lamb chops—tender cuts from the rib, shoulder or loin that can be roasted or pan-cooked just like a pork chop or steak. Try subbing in ground lamb for ground beef, or use it to make Mediterranean favorites like moussaka and lamb meatballs. Looking for a make-ahead meal? Try stewing lamb. It holds up well in slow cookers and makes delicious, freezable stews and braises. Whether you're making lamb the star of your holiday feast or you simply want to change up your weeknight routine, the F&W guide to lamb has you covered, with recipes for fast lamb chops, leg of lamb, grilled lamb and more.
Lamb Sirloin Roast is the Best Cut
Lamb Sirloin Roast
50 mins
Khorak Ghosht-e Bareh (Slow Braised Lamb Shoulder)
Khorak Ghosht-e Bareh (Slow-Braised Lamb)
4 hrs 10 mins
Lamb, Sweet Potato, and Coconut Mafé Curry
Lamb, Sweet Potato, and Coconut Mafé Curry
2 hrs 30 mins

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