Lamb Shank

Lamb shanks are so flavorful, but their tough connective tissue leaves very few cooking methods that will produce an edible meal. They do best when cooked low and slow, until the meat is falling off the bone. Braising, roasting with some liquid or slow-cooking are nearly foolproof methods for producing tender, succulent meals. Food & Wine will give you the skills to take this meat from intimidatingly tough to melt-in-your-mouth tender. Find recipes, cooking videos and chef tips to help you along the way.

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Lamb Kebab and Bean Stew

Chef Ludo Lefebvre applies a rustic French accent to chargrilled lamb. He wakes up the rich pieces of boneless meat with a marinade infused with fresh mint and tons of garlic, then packs it onto a spit, shaping it into a large roast. For serving, the smoky layered meat gets thinly sliced—as for a gyro sandwich—and it’s served with creamy beans, drizzled with nutty brown butter.  Slideshow: More Lamb Recipes

Petite Leg of Lamb with Pickled Rhubarb Salsa

Food & Wine’s Justin Chapple loves leg of lamb, but it’s sometimes such a commitment to make a whole one. Here, he opts to roast a petite leg, which is the shank end with the hip bone removed. It’s ideal for a small group. Slideshow: More Lamb Recipes

Lamb Shank Recipes

Whether you're craving a classic osso buco or something a little lighter (like a veggie-packed stew), tender lamb shanks are an easy way to make a beautiful supper.

Braised Lamb Shanks with Tangerine Gremolata

Braising the lamb shanks for hours in a mixture of wine and tomatoes gives them a tangy flavor.    More Amazing Lamb Recipes  

Braised Lamb Shanks with Peas, Mint & Rhubarb

Michael Solomonov braises lamb shanks with sweet date molasses until the meat is tender, then adds tangy rhubarb to the sauce. The dish can also be prepared with tart fruits like quince or crabapples when rhubarb isn’t in season. Slideshow: Great Braising Recipes Recipe from Food & Wine America's Greatest New Cooks