Lamb Chop

Lamb chops can actually come from a few different areas of the animal—mainly the rib, loin, sirloin and shoulder. The price and tenderness of the chop will depend on which one you choose. Rib chops are those recognizable "lamb lollipops" that have a tender eye of meat in the center. Sirloin chops are thick, inexpensive cuts that are just tender enough to be grilled or broiled, steakhouse-style. Shoulder chops have a lot of marbling and do well with a number of cooking methods, such as braising or pan-frying. The final type of chop, loin chops, are the most prized because they are supertender. Cook them quickly on the grill or under the broiler to get a great crust and a juicy center. F&W's guide to lamb chops elaborates on all four types with easy-to-follow recipes and chef-inspired cooking tips.