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Ground chicken is a great alternative to beef if you want to swap in a leaner meat. Forget any dry, disappointing burgers you've had in the past: since a lot of the fat is missing, you can add heart-healthy oils or grind your own meat from chicken thighs to make sure your dish ends up flavorful and juicy. Whether you're making delicious burgers, meatballs, stir-fries, chilis or more, F&W's guide to ground chicken points you toward international recipe ideas, tips from expert chefs and genius ways to flavor your meat.

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Hamburger Helpa
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Don’t laugh. This dish might give you more insight into my culinary history than almost anything else. It’s a throwback to my childhood and it speaks directly to my more-than-occasional desire for quickness and efficiency, in that I love a good casserole or one-skillet dish. No fuss, no muss, easy cleanup, and get-right-to-it dinner. I made this for Wolfie and his friends when they came home after soccer or Little League practice. I can still picture everyone at the kitchen table, doing homework, while I simmered the beef in the mélange of spices and added macaroni, cheese, and breadcrumbs, and then announced to a sea of smiling faces, “Dinner’s ready.” Years later, I whipped out this dish when Tom’s kids entered the picture and everyone came home from college during breaks. We all know the store-bought mix; this homemade version is even better than the classic, I promise.Excerpted from Valerie’s Home Cooking by Valerie Bertinelli. Copyright © 2017 Oxmoor House. Reprinted with permission from Time Inc. Books, a division of Time Inc. New York, NY. All rights reserved. Slideshow: More Ground Beef Recipes 
Square Meatballs with Pomodoro Sauce
For a better sear, Stefan Bowers of Battalion in San Antonio, Texas presses his meatball mixture into a rectangle and then cuts it into squares, instead of rolling into a ball. Slideshow: More Meatball Recipes 
Spiced Harissa Ragù with Tahini Yogurt
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With warm spices, fiery harissa and chopped pistachios, this meaty ragù from Tel Aviv chef Salah Kurdi is solidly Middle Eastern. Don’t let that stop you from ladling it over gnocchi or layering it into baked pasta. Slideshow: More Ragù Recipes 
Beef, Turkey and Mushroom Meat Loaf
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For a healthier meat loaf, Restaurant Divided host and weight-loss guru Rocco DiSpirito cuts back the meat and swaps in mushrooms. He uses earthy creminis along with ground beef and turkey for a loaf that’s moist and tasty. Slideshow:  More Steak Recipes  Recipe from Food & Wine Chefs' Easy Weeknight Dinners. 
My Grandmother's Meatballs
Milk-and-cream-soaked breadcrumbs and an egg are the secrets to these supertender meatballs from Swedish star chef Magnus Nilsson. Serve them as he does, with lingonberry jam and mashed potatoes. Slideshow:  More Meatball Recipes 
Healthy Ground Beef Recipes
Ground beef is an affordable and versatile ingredient, that can be incorporated in several healthy recipes. Try some of these easy and nutritious dishes, from stuffed zucchinis to Hungarian beef-and-potato soup.

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Bakso (Indonesian Beef Balls)
Bakso is an Indonesian beef ball similar to the Chinese or Vietnamese varieties. Like all Asian beef balls, they are dense yet spongy, with a texture similar to fish cake. The key component of this texture is pulverizing the meat into a paste, and it’s a great alternative to your typical uses for ground beef. Slideshow:  Ground Beef Recipes 
Sukuma Wiki (Kenyan Braised Collard Greens and Ground Beef)
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Sukuma Wiki is a common name for a Kenyan dish of braised collard greens, usually prepared with ground meat, tomatoes and onions. For this quick and easy dish, the collard greens are simply wilted down, so they retain a slightly crunchy texture to complement the ground beef. Slideshow:  Ground Beef Recipes 
Slow Cooker Meatballs in Tomato Sauce
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These meatballs are served in a bowl, but they are equally delicious with spaghetti or on a hoagie roll. Slideshow:  More Italian-American Classics