Ground Meat Recipes

Burgers, meatballs, meatloaf, shepherd's pie-we have to thank ground meat for some of the world's best comfort foods. It's also a staple ingredient for busy home cooks: an inexpensive, quick-cooking source of protein that can be used in an almost infinite list of recipes from around the globe. Ground beef is definitely the most popular ground meat in the US; it's the base of favorites like sloppy joes, chili, and Tex-Mex-style tacos. Ground turkey and ground chicken are gaining ground as lean sources of protein, and ground pork is a flavor booster for dishes ranging from meatballs to ma-po tofu. Ground lamb and veal, while less common in the US, are essential for a flavorful ragù Bolognese or Greek keftedes. Whether you're cooking with beef, pork, poultry, veal or lamb, F&W's guide to ground meat will steer you toward seasoning tips, flavorful and affordable recipes and more.

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Roasted Eggplant Moussaka with Lamb
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Roasting eggplant until it's creamy and custardy makes it the perfect base for layering with a rich, meaty sauce in this take on moussaka, which is topped with a rich layer of ricotta and mozzarella cheese in place of béchamel sauce. Don't worry if the eggplant slices look dry when flipped; they will continue to release moisture during the remainder of the roasting time. Elizabeth-Rose Mandalou, Beverage Director at WM Restaurants in Sacramento, California, picked a perfect wine pairing for this cozy dish: "Go for a Cabernet Sauvignon and Agiorgitiko blend for this dish; the plum and cherry notes and warm spices in the wine balance the richness of the eggplant and lamb."
15 Savory Ground Sausage Recipes You Need to Try
Ground sausage recipes are guaranteed to make your taste buds do a dance, preferably the tango. As herbs and spices like sage, garlic, and pepper work together, ground sausage steals the show. Whether your style is sweet or spicy, we've got options. Ground sausage works beautifully in casseroles, lettuce wraps, burgers, and finger food galore. This recipe collection features cheesy broccoli and rice casserole, sausage-stuffed fried olives, and Italian sausage burgers. If you want to turn up the heat or keep it sweet, here are our best savory ground sausage recipes.
Spicy Lamb Meatballs with Green Goddess Dip
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Inspired by merguez, a North African lamb sausage, these meatballs are loaded with cumin, garlic, and paprika for the ideal one-bite nosh. Harissa gives them a fiery heat that’s tempered by the herby dip. Not a fan of lamb? Try preparing these make-ahead meatballs with ground beef or a plant-based meat alternative, such as Impossible.
Lamb Kofta
Traditional kofta hug the metal skewers in oblong ovals for stability and greater contact with the grill. Metal skewers work best here—they conduct heat, which helps them cook evenly. Mint, paprika, and tart pomegranate molasses match the stronger flavor of ground lamb.Slideshow: More Ground Lamb Recipes
Hamburger Helpa
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Don’t laugh. This dish might give you more insight into my culinary history than almost anything else. It’s a throwback to my childhood and it speaks directly to my more-than-occasional desire for quickness and efficiency, in that I love a good casserole or one-skillet dish. No fuss, no muss, easy cleanup, and get-right-to-it dinner. I made this for Wolfie and his friends when they came home after soccer or Little League practice. I can still picture everyone at the kitchen table, doing homework, while I simmered the beef in the mélange of spices and added macaroni, cheese, and breadcrumbs, and then announced to a sea of smiling faces, “Dinner’s ready.” Years later, I whipped out this dish when Tom’s kids entered the picture and everyone came home from college during breaks. We all know the store-bought mix; this homemade version is even better than the classic, I promise.Excerpted from Valerie’s Home Cooking by Valerie Bertinelli. Copyright © 2017 Oxmoor House. Reprinted with permission from Time Inc. Books, a division of Time Inc. New York, NY. All rights reserved. Slideshow: More Ground Beef Recipes 
Vietnamese Lemongrass Meatballs
Top Chef judge Gail Simmons first met Andrew Carmellini in 2002, when he was chef de cuisine at Café Boulud. She was working for chef-owner Daniel Boulud at the time and spent hours hanging out at the café, usually because its kitchen always had the best staff meal. One of the things she loved about Carmellini’s menu was the changing section highlighting a specific world cuisine. Carmellini left Café Boulud in 2005 and went on to open many of New York’s most successful restaurants, including Locanda Verde, where his lamb meatball sliders caused a national frenzy. Simmons’s own recipe owes a debt to his meatballs, as well as to her honeymoon trip to Vietnam. The combination of lemongrass, a few dashes of fish sauce and tons of fresh herbs creates a salty brightness to crave year-round. Slideshow: More Meatball Recipes 

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Square Meatballs with Pomodoro Sauce
For a better sear, Stefan Bowers of Battalion in San Antonio, Texas presses his meatball mixture into a rectangle and then cuts it into squares, instead of rolling into a ball. Slideshow: More Meatball Recipes 
Spiced Harissa Ragù with Tahini Yogurt
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With warm spices, fiery harissa and chopped pistachios, this meaty ragù from Tel Aviv chef Salah Kurdi is solidly Middle Eastern. Don’t let that stop you from ladling it over gnocchi or layering it into baked pasta. Slideshow: More Ragù Recipes 

Ground Lamb Recipes

Here is a collection of our favorite appetizing and flavorful ground lamb recipes that are sure to please. These dishes include Mediterranean style dishes and spices like cumin really bring out the savory flavor.