"Rabbit might be the perfect meat," says chef Jenn Louis of Lincoln in Portland, Oregon. "The animals are very easy to raise and the meat is lean but flavorful." Rabbit hasn't quite caught on in the US, but with game meats and nose-to-tail eating on the rise, it's gaining in popularity. F&W's guide includes recipes for everything from hearty rabbit stews to crispy chicken-fried rabbit.

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Easy Rabbit Recipes
From a rabbit ragout with soppressata and pappardelle to a casserole-roasted rabbit with herbs, here are some exciting rabbit-based recipes.
The Queen of Sicilian Cuisine's Brilliant Rabbit
© Stephanie MeyerIn Sicily in fall 2009, I had a chance to eat, hang out and get some private instruction from the queen of Sicilian cuisine, Eleonora Consoli. She is a force of nature and a champion of Sicilian melting pot cuisine. Her stunning villa in the shadow of Mount Etna is filled with lemon trees, herb pots, a collection of copper dessert molds, cassata forms (pans) and the types of photos in silver frames that are jaw dropping (El, is that you with Onassis and Jackie?). She is a feisty and strong-minded lady and things are done her way in her kitchen. Read more >