Chicken Wings

Game day isn't complete without chicken wings, so it's hard to believe that this popular bar snack has only been around since 1964. The dish was created by the Bellissimo family at their establishment in Buffalo, New York, supposedly as a way to use up an accidental shipment of wings. In the years since this happy accident, chicken wings have found their way onto menus in every state of the Union. They've evolved from the classic hot sauce-and-butter recipe to delicious mashups of many cuisines—everything from Jamaican jerk chicken wings to spicy Asian-inspired Sriracha wings. F&W's guide to chicken wings includes everything you'll need for game day and beyond: recipes for the best classic wings ("Slightly crispy, a bit saucy and very spicy," according to F&W's Grace Parisi), globally inspired wings, and appetizer menus that answer the age-old question: What do I serve when the chicken wings run out?