Which Famous Chef's Chicken Recipe Should You Make Tonight?

Take this quiz and find out if you'll be dining with the legendary recipes of Edna Lewis, Julia Child, Anita Lo, Marcella Hazan, Jacques Torres, or another Food & Wine favorite. (Spoiler: They're all winners.)

Julia's Roast Chicken
Photo: Con Poulos

Food & Wine has been around since 1978, and since the very first standalone issue — which featured recipes for William S. Proops' Chicken with Artichokes, Dorian Leigh's Chicken Braised with Aromatic Herbs and Vegetables, and W. Peter Prestcott's Chicken Salad — we've been cuckoo for chicken in all its versatile forms, from crispy fried thighs and salt-baked showstoppers to whole, roasted birds and the jerk and pho of your dreams. In the four-and-a-half decades we’ve been publishing, we've been so clucking lucky to have some world-class chefs share their recipes. Take this short quiz to figure out which culinary luminaries will provide you with your next winner of a dinner.

1. It's been a long darned day and your feathers are pretty ruffled. Luckily, you have a full fridge and pantry, so finding ingredients isn't a factor. How much effort do you want to put into cooking?

A: It's a delivery night.
B: I'm happier heating up leftovers.
C: I need it to be simple, but I'm willing to turn on the oven.
D: This is how I unwind, bring it on.

2. When you're feeling under the weather or even just a little bit down, what's the most healing thing to eat?

A: Something warm and mild.
B: A good, long braise or stew with some deep flavor to it.
C: Greasy and carby.
D: Spice and heat to the max.

3. Where's your happy cooking place?

A: In the other room while the dish braises or roasts on its own for a few hours.
B: Staring at the microwave clock as it counts down.
C: Over an open grill flame.
D: Fussing and stirring over a dish that needs constant attention.

4. How do you feel about going to a farmers market?

A: I prefer (or only have access to) pantry staples.
B: I want to go but I don't as often as I could.
C: It's part of my regular routine.
D: I don't really need to because I grow my own.

5. Do you collect old recipes and cookbooks?

A: I just wing it on the internet.
B: I have some tried and true ones I keep around.
C: It's a major pastime for me.
D: I only use them for inspiration but I don't follow them.

6. What's your favorite part of the chicken?

A: The breast.
B: The legs and thighs.
C: The messy parts: liver, neck, and the like.
D: Give me the whole bird.

The Results

Anita Lo, Charles Phan, Julia Child, Floyd Cardoz, Paul Bocuse, Maria Guarnaschelli, Marcella Hazan, and Jean-Georges Vongerichten

You've got some mighty cozy companions for this dinner. All these chefs share recipes that come together easily, pack in maximum pleasure, and make plenty to enjoy now, and are just as satisfying to savor tomorrow.

Mostly As

Judy Rodgers, Nancy Silverton, Marcus Samuelsson, Suvir Saran, Ricardo Zarate, Giada De Laurentiis, Tyler Florence, and Jacques Torres

Fancy company you're keeping! Some of these chicken recipes (like the Zuni Cafe chicken) are some of the best-loved dishes in America, and others make the grade as F&W staff favorites. Bookmark, try them all, and find your new go-to.

Mostly Bs

Edna Lewis, Kwame Onwuchi, Scott Peacock, Chris Shepherd, Eric Ripert, Charles Phan, Bill Kim, and Katy Sparks

Some of these chefs are already household names (like Eric Ripert and the late, great Edna Lewis), and others might be newer to you,  but if Food & Wine had a Hall of Fame, these folks and their flavorful, next-level dishes would be smack dab at the center.

Mostly Cs

Barbara Tropp, Paul Chung, Wylie Dufresne, Gregory Gourdet, Angie Mar, Ina Garten, Thomas Keller, and Donald Link

Be still our chicken hearts, the F&W staff turns to these chefs and their recipes again and again when we want to flex at a dinner party, or simply enjoy the act of being in our kitchens. Some might call for a little extra technique and time, or feature the parts of the chicken the smartest cooks save for themselves, but they all rule the roost.

Mostly Ds

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