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Updated June 02, 2017

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Spiced Chicken Legs

Paleontologist and Jurassic Park consultant Jack Horner tells Wired about his plans to reverse-engineer a dinosaur from a chicken in the magazine’s October issue. While there are many, many questions that surround Horner’s controversial work, one in particular has stuck in our minds: What wine would pair with dino meat? Luckily, he answered that in Wired’s "Storyboard" podcast. According to Horner, dinosaur meat would be dark meat. So, much like with chicken thighs or legs, a red wine would be appropriate. Though Horner does not foresee a world where the genetically engineered "chickensaurus" will walk among us, we can’t help but think that they’d taste lovely in this recipe for Spice-Braised Chicken Legs with Red Wine and Tomato. After all, we should eat them before they eat us, right?

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