Marinades are a great way to make sure chicken is juicy and super-flavorful.
Peruvian Marinade
Credit: © Quentin Bacon

From a spicy, citrus-scented mix to a tropical, Caribbean-inspired coconut version, here are seven easy chicken marinades for extra-delicious weeknight dinners.

1. Garlic, Rosemary and Black Pepper Marinade

Star chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten's simple marinade can easily be made ahead of time.

2. Peruvian Marinade

This terrific Latin American-inspired marinade is deliciously lemony and garlicky.

3. Spicy Thai Marinade with Basil and Cilantro

This spicy, citrus-scented marinade is also great on steak.

4. Coconut Marinade

A food processor makes quick work of this excellent marinade.

5. Balsamic-Shallot Marinade

This fast marinade requires just five ingredients plus freshly ground pepper.

6. Vietnamese Marinade

Hot, sour, salt and sweet flavors are all present in this easy marinade.

7. Sicilian-Lemon Marinade

This zesty recipe does double duty: use it to marinade chicken or strain and toss it with salad greens.