9 Amazing Barbecue Chicken Recipes

BBQ Baked Chicken
Photo: © Kristen Stevens

From grilled chicken with a sweet mustard sauce to sweet-and-tangy wings, these barbecue chicken recipes will please everyone at your cookout.

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Red Wine BBQ Chicken

Red Wine BBQ Chicken
© Con Poulos

Leftover red wine gets repurposed into a sweet, sticky, and luscious barbecue sauce in this great recipe from F&W Culinary Director at Large Justin Chapple.

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Big Bob Gibson's Chicken with White Barbecue Sauce

Chicken with White Barbecue Sauce
© Marcus Nilsson

Grill pieces of chicken until crispy and nicely charred, then serve them alongside this terrific white sauce.

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Spicy Southern Barbecued Chicken

Spicy Southern Barbecued Chicken
© Quentin Bacon

Crushed red pepper and ancho chile powder bring the heat in this crowd-pleasing chicken recipe.

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Twice-Glazed Barbecued Chicken

Twice-Glazed Asian Barbecued Chicken
© Anna Williams

Instead of the usual smoky-sweet tomato-based barbecue sauce, Mike Sheerin of Chicago's Blackbird bases his version on oyster sauce, soy sauce, and roasted garlic, with toasted black peppercorns added for heat. The sauce is superb glazed on chicken, but it would also be great on pork or steak.

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Grilled Chicken with Sweet Mustard Barbecue Sauce

Grilled Chicken with Sweet Mustard Barbecue Sauce
© Reed Davis

A sweet mustard glaze gives John Currence's grilled chicken a crisp coating. The juicy marinated birds are also delicious without the glaze. The chickens need to marinate overnight so plan accordingly.

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Indian-Inspired Barbecue Chicken

Indian Barbecue Chicken. Photo © John Kernick
© John Kernick

For this sweet and tangy chicken, Marcie Turney blends tamarind and garam masala into her molasses barbecue sauce.

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Smoky Barbecued Chicken

Smoky Barbecued Chicken
© James Baigrie

This amber-colored chicken is incredibly delicious thanks to an overnight marinade, a spice-and-sugar rub, a sweet-sour mop, and four hours on the grill.

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Smokin' Sweet Chicken Wings with Cherry Barbecue Glaze

Smokin' Sweet Chicken Wings with Cherry Barbecue Glaze
© Lucy Schaeffer

Cherry preserves with habanero chile create a fabulously sticky, sweet, and spicy glaze for grilled chicken wings. Glaze them just before serving so the sugars don't burn.

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Barbecue Baked Chicken

BBQ Baked Chicken
© Kristen Stevens

This simple recipe pairs baked chicken with a sweet and tangy sauce.

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