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Chicken Tikka Kebabs
The Kashmiri red chile powder used to season the chicken in these kebabs from chef Chintan Pandya gives them a mild, warm heat. The yogurt marinade ensures that the chicken thighs are juicy and tender when they emerge from the oven, and a quick baste with melted butter makes the dish especially rich. If you can't find ginger-garlic paste in the market, combine equal parts garlic cloves and chopped ginger in a small food processor or blender and blend until smooth, adding a splash of water so the mixture forms a paste.
Chicken Lule Kebab
The ground beef lule kebab recipe at Mini Kabob is a Martirosyan family secret, but they were willing to share their equally delicious chicken version. Freshly grinding chicken thighs with lamb fat gives these kebabs a rich, savory flavor and juicy, tender texture. The restaurant grinds all the meat in-house, and you can, too, with a grinder. (We like the KitchenAid meat grinder attachment.) Or ask your butcher. If you don't have a meat grinder, no problem: The F&W test kitchen developed an alternative (and less rich) version you can make using pre-ground meat (see Note). See How to Make Kebabs on the Grill to see the Martirosyan family's detailed step by step instructions for making the Chicken Lule Kebabs and other kebabs.
Tamarind Chicken
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The beauty of this grilled tamarind chicken is both its sharp and piquant flavor and its simplicity. A potent tamarind-and-chipotle marinade renders a richly flavored, juicy, and tender chicken in mere minutes, making it equally suited for a weeknight meal or a dinner party. The tamarind concentrate in the marinade adds a sour funk that complements the freshness of the cilantro leaves and smoky heat of the chipotle chile paste. The marinade gives the chicken a dark, lacquered appearance and will char a little as it cooks, becoming caramelized, chewy, and ultimately, mouthwateringly delicious. Grilling the chicken over coals will naturally impart a more smoky finish, while roasting the chicken in the oven (see Note) will produce the liveliest sour and spicy flavors.
Charred Chile–Marinated Grilled Chicken Tacos
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To help build deep layers of flavor in these tacos, Fermín Núñez begins his marinade by toasting and charring aromatics: dried chiles, cinnamon, allspice, and onions all hit the heat before soaking with juicy chicken thighs for an hour, imparting smoky flavor before they cook quickly on the grill or in the oven (see Note). Pair them with fresh tomatillo salsa cruda for a next-level taco night.
Which Famous Chef's Chicken Recipe Should You Make For Dinner?
Take this quiz and find out if you'll be dining with the legendary recipes of Edna Lewis, Julia Child, Zarela Martinez, Marcella Hazan, Jacques Torres, or another Food & Wine favorite. (Spoiler: They're all winners.)
17 of Our Best Sauces for Chicken Wings
Chicken wings are the ultimate messy finger food, whether you love them with classic buttery Buffalo flavors, a sticky fruit glaze, or a sweet-and-sour sauce that will make your mouth tingle. Chicken wings (and drummettes) are ideal for the grill, oven, or deep fryer because the meat stays juicy as the skin crisps in the high heat, ready to take on whatever flavors strike your fancy. We've got plenty of recipes for sauces and glazes to slather onto chicken wings. Try a fun twist on classic Buffalo wings with Spicy Sriracha Chicken Wings, get your hands on Sticky Baked Chicken Wings for a perfect game day snack, or tuck into Sheldon Simeon's hot and tangy Huli Huli Chicken Wings. Read on for more of our best chicken wing recipes before your next snack attack or backyard cookout.

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10 Best Sides for Roast Chicken
Once you've roasted up a juicy, crispy bird, the next question is, "What goes with baked chicken?" Roast chicken is a staple for a reason. It's soul-warming, versatile, and pretty easy to make once you know the secret. It can be the centerpiece of all kinds of dinners and next-day lunches. From creamy Garlic-and-Herb Mashed Potatoes to Glazed Carrots with Goat Cheese and Honey and Green Beans Two Ways, we've rounded up the 10 best side dishes that answer the age-old query of what goes with chicken. Read on for these recipes and more.
Chicken Breasts with White Wine Pan Sauce with Crème Fraîche and Spring Herbs
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This simple white wine pan sauce enriched with créme fraîche and a generous handful of tender fresh herbs like tarragon, dill, and chives makes smart use of the pan drippings from pan-roasted chicken breasts. Simply pan-roast airline chicken breasts, set them aside to rest, and then, while the chicken is resting, use the drippings to build the flavor-packed white wine pan sauce, which comes together in about 10 minutes and delivers an elegant, silky texture. The delicate flavors of the white wine pan sauce are also a good pair for thick fillets of trout, salmon, or halibut, which may be substituted for the chicken breasts. To make this pan sauce from other proteins, start from step 2, working with 1 tablespoon of reserved drippings, and proceed as written. 
Air Fryer Lemon Pepper Chicken Wings with Hot Honey Glaze
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Hot, sweet, crispy, and buttery, these wings are certain to become your next go-to recipe for Game Day or any time you want a hearty snack. The wings are tossed with lemon pepper seasoning then cooked until crispy in an air fryer. They are then coated with a buttery hot honey glaze and served with more of the glaze for dipping. A garnish of cilantro adds color and more brightness to the dish.