7 Hearty Roast Beef Recipes

Horseradish-Crusted Roast Beef
Photo: © Cedric Angeles

Tender roast beef recipes are quick and delicious and perfect for family and friends. A good-sized roast serves a whole dinner party and the leftovers make for excellent sandwiches. Try a few of our favorite recipes including rare roast beef with pickled green tomatoes, fajitas, and horseradish crusted roast beef.

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Thai Beef Sandwiches with Green Curry Mayo

Thai Beef Sandwiches with Green Curry Mayo
© Christina Holmes

In the Food & Wine Test Kitchen, we don't let a single leftover go to waste. Here we turn leftover roast beef into a Thai beef salad-inspired sandwich, but it would also be delicious with leftover pulled pork, grilled chicken or even seared tofu.

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Horseradish-Crusted Roast Beef


To showcase deeply flavorful grass-fed beef, butcher-shop owners Jessica and Josh Applestone make a simple roast beef using any number of cuts, including rib loin (prime rib), top round or a tied sirloin tip. The roast — deliciously crusted with horseradish and black peppercorns — is perfect hot out of the oven, but it's also amazing cold on a sandwich: Thinly slice the roast beef and serve it on white bread with horseradish mayonnaise and juicy tomatoes.

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Rare Roast Beef with Fresh Herbs and Basil Oil

Rare Roast Beef with Fresh Herbs and Basil Oil. Photo © Antonis Achilleos

© Antonis Achilleos

Adapted from a recipe in author Patricia Wells's latest cookbook, Salad as a Meal, this rosy roast beef with basil oil seems decadent but contains only two grams of saturated fat per serving.

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Fajitas with Roast Beef

Fajitas with Roast Beef

These easy fajitas are best for using up the extra Coriander-Dusted Roast Beef and gravy.

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Roast Beef Summer Rolls

© Petrina Tinslay

Vietnamese summer rolls are often filled with or shrimp, but Grace Parisi makes hers with roast beef from the deli.

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Roast Beef Tenderloin with Morel Cream Sauce

Roast Beef Tenderloin with Morel Cream Sauce
© James Merrell

Brown this beef tenderloin roast to serve with an earthy morel and shallot sauce. You'll have a meal for six in an hour.

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Roast Beef with Root-Vegetable-and-Green-Peppercorn Salad

Roast Beef with Root-Vegetable-and-Green-Peppercorn Salad. Photo © Johnny Valiant
© Johnny Valiant

Brined green peppercorns aren't particularly popular, but Kristin Donnelly loves them in a dressing for sweet roasted fall vegetables and roast beef.

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