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Bruce Aidells, the founder of the eponymous sausage company, is also an avid cook. His favorite type of meat to cook? Any large cut, like a big beef roast or bone-in leg of lamb. "Large cuts are a relatively labor-free way to feed groups," he says. "There is nothing nicer than presenting a big roast to a crowd." F&W's guide helps you master roast beef for holiday dinners, parties and big get-togethers. 

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Rare Roast Beef with Pickled Green Tomatoes

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This dish from chef Chris Behr of the Rome Sustainable Food Project is a nod to the many similarities between the food of the American South and southern Italy’s cucina povera (peasant cooking). Just like Southerners, Italians pickle their abundance of unripe green tomatoes. Serve these oil-packed ones alongside this thinly sliced beef roast, or layered on sandwiches, tossed in chopped salads or with a charcuterie board. Slideshow: More Beef Recipes 

Roast Beef Recipes

Tender roast beef is a quick and delicious dish that’s perfect for family dinners and guests. A good-sized roast serves a whole dinner party and the leftovers make for excellent sandwiches. Try a few of our favorite recipes including horseradish-crusted roast beef, roast beef with oven-roasted tomato salsa and many more.

Brazilian Cheese Bread Sliders with Roast Beef, Red Peppers and Arugula

These Brazilian cheese bread sliders are great for gluten-free entertaining. The dough is made from sour tapioca flour (starch), and the cheesy rolls are extra-delicious stuffed with roast beef, marinated peppers, and fresh arugula. Slideshow:  More Burger Recipes 

Stupid-Simple Roast Beef with Horseradish Cream

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This is the best roast beef recipe ever! Just be sure to buy the roast with the full fat cap left on; otherwise the meat will be too salty. Plus:  More Beef Recipes 

Roast Beef Summer Rolls

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Vietnamese summer rolls are often filled with or shrimp, but Grace Parisi makes hers with roast beef from the deli. Fast Asian Recipes

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