Prime Rib

Prime rib is a showstopper that you can pull out when you want an impressive, stress-free meal during the holidays. According to chef Michel Mina, "The great thing about doing a whole rib roast is that you don't have to concentrate. Season it right with salt and pepper, put it in the oven and then you can focus on all the dishes that go along with it." The beef is flavorful enough on its own, so be light-handed with any bold seasonings and cook it no more than medium. Food & Wine's guide to prime rib has recipes to satisfy every diner.

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Garlic-Butter Rib Roast
This impressive, flavor-packed rib roast is perfect for a celebration. The secret? A compound butter made with garlic, anchovies, herbs, and shallot. Half of it is slathered all over the roast before it goes into the oven; the other half is rolled up into a log, chilled, and then sliced into medallions to serve with each slice of beef. Special order the rib roast from a local butcher, asking for one with nice marbling and an even fat cap. The roast can be prepped the night before and stored in the fridge until ready to bake—just bring it to room temperature before roasting. Thinly sliced leftovers make satisfying roast beef sandwiches or sliders. 
Beef Rib Roast
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Butcher Jocelyn Guest of White Gold in NYC salts her rib roast in the fridge overnight to amp up its terrific flavor. To cook, she roasts it at low heat, for meltingly tender meat, before giving it a blast of high heat to develop a golden crust. Slideshow: More Roast Recipes 
Prime Rib with Sour Cherry Conserva, Truffle and Chocolate
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F&W Best New Chef 2017 Angie Mar, of NYC's The Beatrice Inn, is a master with meat, like this enormous, decadent and completely fabulous dry-aged beef rib roast. Mar's trick is to take the meat out of the oven for 30 minutes during its overall cooking time, which creates evenly cooked and perfectly juicy meat thoughout the roast. Slideshow: More Prime Rib Recipes
Standing Beef Rib Roast with Pimentón
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It's hard to believe that this showstopping roast is so incredibly simple. Be sure to use freshly ground pink peppercorns and a high-quality, crunchy pink salt, as those are the main components of this roast. Also, ask your butcher to keep the long frenched rib bones on for a truly jaw-dropping presentation.
Three-Ingredient Prime Rib Roast
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Coffee and prime rib seem like unlikely partners, but Ryan Farr's recipe reveals they both have an earthy quality that makes them a natural match. Just be sure to scrape off any excess coffee rub from the meat before serving. Plus:  F&W’s Beef Cooking Guide 
Prime Rib Roast with Horseradish Cream
Chef Michael Tusk bastes this roast with a fragrant garlic-thyme butter for several minutes on the stovetop before roasting it in the oven. Don’t worry if the garlic gets very dark by the time the beef has finished cooking—it will taste delicious. Slideshow:  Fabulous Christmas Roasts 

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Pepper-Crusted Prime Rib Roast with Mushroom-Armagnac Sauce
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To keep this prime rib extra juicy, "ask your butcher to leave the fat cap on before tying the beef," says Melissa Perello, an F&W Best New Chef 2004 and executive chef at San Francisco's Fifth Floor. Roasting the prime rib in a bath of butter, a common chef's trick that Perello uses here, also helps. More Centerpiece Roasts