This is Andrew Zimmern's simple, flavorful version of picadillo, the Spanish ground meat dish. It's made with lots of chopped fresh green beans and finished with a little crushed chile in vinegar.

By Andrew Zimmern
Updated June 23, 2017

Last spring, I was driving across Costa Rica with my family and we stopped in a cafeteria in a small mountain town. The place was called San Ramon el Jardín and they served food all day long, cooked by grandmas in what had to be the cleanest truck stop I had ever seen. We grabbed our trays, got in line and without comparing notes, all ended up with some of the local picadillo (a traditional ground beef dish) on our plates. We ate it with sticky yellow rice and avocado salad. I finished mine at the table with a little crushed fresh chile in vinegar. The food in Costa Rica is simple. It’s not about big flavors, but rather relies on more subtle notes to please the palate. The beef and green beans play well together and the easy elegance of this dish will quite simply blow your mind. Get the Recipe