Flank Steak

When you don’t know what to throw on the grill one day this summer, consider flank steak. Not only does it have a rich, beefy flavor, but it’s actually a lot cheaper than most other steak options. This cut of beef takes exceptionally well to marinades—flavor easily seeps into the grooves of its prominent muscle fibers. Flank steak is lean and not very thick, so it only requires a quick trip over high heat to sear the outside and lightly cook the center. Cut the meat thinly across the grain to keep it tender. F&W’s guide to this popular steak gives you plenty of backyard barbecue ideas, creative marinade and rub recipes and even a few wine pairings to go with your meal.

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Smoky Pasilla-and-Citrus Grilled Flank Steak

On a recent trip to Oaxaca, I was mesmerized with the fruity, smoky pasilla de Oaxaca chiles so much that I brought back a bag of the chiles, as well as a basalt molcajete, in my suitcase. The deep flavor the chiles impart to beef is exceptional; if you can’t find them, chipotle morita or chipotle meco chiles are good substitutes.

Mrs. Tran’s Master Pho Broth 
with Flank Steak

Chef Qui Tran of Nudo House in St. Louis shares his mother’s master recipe for pho broth, simmered slowly with beef knuckle bones, whole toasted spices, and aromatics. You’ll want to keep a batch of broth in the freezer for an instant, soothing noodle bowl any night of the week.   Slideshow: Chicken Pho

Gochujang Flank Steak 
and Korean Pasta Salad

Underbelly chef Chris Shepherd says that after the Korean War, pasta salad became part of Korea’s culinary repertoire. Here, he serves his own version with a spicy-sweet flank steak that his cooks came up with after trying an earthy, fruity Blaufränkisch one night. Slideshow: More Flank Steak Recipes

Cuban Flank Steak

Cookbook author Melissa Clark makes a Cuban-inspired marinade with citrus, oregano, garlic and cumin to infuse her juicy flank steaks with great flavor. She saves a bit of the marinade as a sauce to brighten up the sweet mango served alongside. Slideshow: More Flank Steak Recipes

Flank Steak Recipes

Lean and full of flavor, beef flank steak is a delicious cut that’s perfect for marinating and grilling. These simple and easy recipes are perfect for fast dinner meals. Try a few of our favorite or favorite recipes including vindaloo flank steak, grilled chili-rubbed flank steak and flank steak spirals with porcini & red wine sauce.

Lemon-Garlic-Marinated Flank Steak

Chef Jimmy Bannos, Jr., of Chicago's The Purple Pig, swears by his double-marinating technique. Here, he marinates his steak before it goes on the grill in a tangy lemon marinade and then gives it a quick dunk in a clean batch of marinade when it's hot off the grill. Bonus: The high amount of acid in the marinade also makes tougher cuts like flank and skirt steak extra tender. Slideshow: More Steak Recipes

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Flank Steak with Chimichurri

Flank steak lends itself to an assertive sauce because it has such a strong and rich flavor,” says Colby Garrelts, chef at Bluestem in Kansas City, Missouri. For this chimichurri that he makes at home with his wife (and Bluestem pastry chef), Megan, Colby swaps out the usual red wine vinegar with sherry vinegar and makes the garlicky herb sauce extra-piquant with capers. Slideshow: More Steak Recipes Recipe from Food & Wine Chefs' Easy Weeknight Dinners.

Flank Steak Burrito with Guacamole and Salsa

An ancho chile powder rub gives lots of flavor and a little bit of spice to these simple but delicious burritos. Slideshow: More Steak Recipes