Filet Mignon

Whether you prize it or think it's completely overhyped, filet mignon makes you picture an expensive, candlelit dinner at a high-end restaurant (cliché points if it's Valentine's Day). But there's a reason this cut of beef comes with a hefty price tag: it cooks up incredibly tender and comes in limited supply. Unlike muscley brisket, filet mignon comes from the tail end of the much smaller tenderloin. You won't have to do much (and shouldn't) to a filet mignon to get an almost buttery piece of meat. It's lean without a ton of beefy flavor, so it's often served with sauce or wrapped in bacon to keep it from drying out. F&W's guide has all the recipe ideas you'll need to cook up an extra-special dinner.

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Creamed Spinach–Stuffed Filet Roast
Ultratender filet of beef gets rolled around creamed spinach in this fun and delicious play on a classic steakhouse pairing. Slideshow: More Filet Mignon Recipes 
Filet Mignon Recipes
Delicious and savory filet mignon is the most expensive of steak cuts. This extremely tender steak comes from the small end of the tenderloin and be prepared by broiling, grilling and sautéing. Try a few of our favorite recipes like wok-seared steak majong with shishito peppers and posen's lemon charred beef with crisp herbed spaetzle.
Wok-Seared Steak Majong with Shishito Peppers
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For this brightly flavored stir-fry, chef George Chen of San Francisco’s China Live combines crunchy, spicy shishito peppers and pieces of tender beef the size of mah-jongg tiles.   Slideshow:  More Chinese Recipes 
Griddled Gaucho Steak with Bread-and-Basil Salad
To turn beef tenderloin into a quick-cooking cut, grilling master Francis Mallmann butterflies it first to form a quarter-inch-thick slab, tops it with chives and then sears it quickly on a hot grill. "I love charring things very, very fast so that they're still raw in the middle," he says. If you aren't comfortable butterflying the tenderloin yourself, ask your butcher to do it. Slideshow:  More Grilling Recipes 
Shaking Beef
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Cubes of beef tenderloin are supertender in this wonderfully spiced and elegant Vietnamese classic. It’s called “shaking beef” because you shake the pan to toss the beef while cooking it. More Fast Asian Recipes

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Rosen's Lemon Charred Beef with Crisp Herbed Spaetzle
Between the lemon charred beef and the crisp herbed spaetzle, you'll want to prepare this dish every day of the week.
Beef Tenderloin Sandwiches with Norton-Shiitake Sauce
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Riddle's Penultimate Cafe & Wine Bar in St. Louis mentions many of the local farmers who supply the ingredients on its quirky menu. Chef and owner Andy Ayers loves the organic shiitakes from Ozark Forest Mushrooms's farm in Salem, Missouri, because they add an intensely earthy flavor to these meaty, garlicky sandwiches with their wine-spiked sauce. More Steak Sandwiches