Here's What Your McDonald's Order Says About You, According to the Chain

McDonald's is dishing out personas to its app users.

McDonald's Big Mac meal

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In 2021, McDonald's launched its MyMcDonald's Rewards loyalty program, giving it deep insight into its customers' behavior thanks to all its newly available data. And this week, the brand made good use of all that information, releasing its second-ever McDonald's "FANnual Report."

The report details what McDonald's sees as some of the most interesting information collected from its app over the last year (specifically between January 1 to October 9, 2022).

In likely a surprise to no one, French fries were the top ordered menu item in every state, followed by the cheeseburger and the McChicken, proving that the humble hamburger isn't actually the company's top seller.

And, as the data showed, there are plenty of Big Mac and Chicken McNuggets diehards out there. McDonald's says that over 5,000 people ordered at least 100 Big Macs or Chicken McNuggets in 2022.

The chain included some interesting location-specific data, too. For instance, McDonald's says orders in New York City were twice as likely to occur during late-night hours compared to the rest of the country. And even during the coldest day of the year, at least a few dozen people still ordered a McFlurry in Anchorage, Alaska. 

That said, not all McDonald's app usage is equal. As the chain admits, Hawaii had the highest number of app transactions per capita, followed by Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas, and Kentucky, meaning all the data could be skewed due to a few high-volume states. 

Whether or not the findings are genuinely scientific, McDonald's app users will still come out with something in exchange for their data. 

The brand is giving app users a McDonald's Fan Persona, emailing MyMcDonald's Rewards customers to let them know just which type of customer they are.

McDonald's fan personas

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There's the CEO, which McDonald's describes as someone who doesn't "dream, you redeem the top faves and make your MyMcDonald's Rewards points rain," and the Insider, who is someone that will "go where the crew knows your order and no other fave compares to your fave (IYKYK)." 

There's also the Low-Key persona, or a customer who doesn't "stress, you finesse FREE McDonald's faves when the feeling strikes," and the Carpe All Day persona, who "redeems points as fast as you earn them." Last is the Newbie, who's "open to trying new and adventurous things." 

McDonald's is also inviting app users to share their persona on its dedicated Instagram post by December 11 for the chance to be one of four fans to win 250,000 MyMcDonald's Rewards points.

"Our fans are the true MVPs, so we want to personally say 'thank you' to every one of them for inviting us into their daily lives," Alycia Mason, the company's chief U.S. customer experience officer, stated. "We're excited to close out the year by giving them a look at the ingredients that make each of them the one-of-a-kind McDonald's fan that they are."

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