Yes, You Really Can Grab a McBaguette Just Like 'Emily in Paris' — But There's a Catch

The sandwich is "très chic," as Emily would say.

Emily in Paris McBaguette


In December, Netflix (finally) dropped the long-awaited third season of Emily in Paris, and it's as magnifique as ever. Episode one is jam-packed with heartbreak, an existential career crisis, and a jazzy performance of "J'ai Deux Amours." But the most memorable moment? Emily in McDonald's

That's right. Emily in Paris and McDonald's is the collaboration we never knew we wanted… and it exists now, I guess. But rather than showing sweet, beret-wearing Lily Collins taking a neat bite out of the most flawless Big Mac imaginable — as is the standard for most random product placements — the global fast food chain is woven into the plot itself. And now, the treat she eats in the restaurant is available in real life too. 

But before we tell you how you can get one, let's explain this thrilling plot.

Emily gets a call from her ex-boyfriend, Doug, who has conveniently become a global exec for McDonald's. And he's got good news: McDonald's is looking for a French marketing agency to launch the McBaguette, and he's put Emily to the task. And coincidentally, her boss, Sylvie, is looking for "a sexy new client in the luxury space" to pair with the launch of her new agency. 

Sylvie is hesitant to partner with McDonald's at first. "McDonald's" and "sexy" are not often used in the same sentence, after all. But Emily is determined to prove her wrong. So, she joins her on-again-off-again love interest, Gabriel, for lunch at McDonald's (as one does). To her surprise, she's greeted with bright cases full of macarons and canelés, posh twenty-somethings confidently ordering off a screen, and somehow, an open kitchen. 

They sit down to enjoy their meals, and Gabriel explains that, to him, McDonald's is "un petit plaisir," meaning, a little treat. "Or, a little luxury," Emily responds with a wink. And with that tagline, Emily sells the pitch to Sylvie. Of course, the McDonald's deal falls to pieces during a chaotic client dinner at the Eiffel Tower, and the McBaguette is never mentioned again for the remainder of the season. C'est la vie!

But don't fret. The McBaguette lives on outside of the confines of your television. 

For a limited time, McDonald's France is offering a special meal in partnership with the release of Emily in Paris season three. It comes with french fries, two macarons, a medium-sized drink, and, you guessed it, the McBaguette. 

The McBaguette first debuted at McDonald's' French locations in 2012, occasionally popping up on the menu through the last decade. The baguette is filled with two burger patties, two slices of Emmental cheese, lettuce, and French mustard. It's also far from alone in unique international McDonald's cuisines. Fans of the fast food franchise can head to destinations around the globe and snag things like hunks of Parmesan in Italy (lovingly known there as "pocket cheese"), or grab a Ham N' Egg Twisty Pasta in Hong Kong, Poutine in Canada, and even the McKroket in the Netherlands.

Unfortunately, as of now, the McBaguette is only available in France. But maybe it's worth pulling an Emily and moving to Paris on a whim to experience your own "little luxury."

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