Love Buying Ceramics Abroad? This Brand Delivers Oaxacan Pottery Right to Your Door

It’s both beautiful and sturdy, too.

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Masienda tout


I visited Oaxaca, Mexico, about a year ago, and while I expected to fall in love with the food (and I did), I was surprised that I also fell in love with the ceramics. I think it happened when a guide took us out to a remote village, and we watched a woman mold perfectly shaped mugs and bowls without a wheel. Instead, within about 60 seconds, she had made a flawless pot with nothing more than a worn down piece of a basketball, precariously balanced on a rock, and her hands.

Naturally, I stuffed my suitcase with as many pieces I could bring home from Colectivo 1050. Some of them, sadly, broke in transit; the others I’ve stained from food use or placed throughout my home, afraid to touch or use them. 

Then, a few weeks ago, Masienda, a brand that’s recently gained fame for its artisanal masa harina that’s perfect for making fresh tortillas at home, sent me a few ceramic pieces from its new collection. Not only are all of the Mexican-made cups, bowls, and serving trays gorgeous, they are durable and meant for everyday use, unlike the ones I brought back myself. 

Masienda Ceramic La Jefa Bowl by La Chicharra


To buy: Ceramica La Jefa Bowl, $105 at

All of the pieces in this collection are made by La Chicharra Cerámica in Oaxaca. Founded by María Fernanda and Eduardo López in 2012, each piece is made from scratch using local materials. Some, like the mugs, are shaped with molds made by 3D printers for consistency. However, all of the pieces are then smoothed and glazed by hand. 

Beyond the interesting evolution of artisanship, the products themselves are incredible. Available on Masienda’s site is a Ceramic Mezcal Set (you can also purchase the cups separately), a Muy Buenos Días Bundle (which includes a mug, a dripper, and some coffee), as well as a large Serving Bowl, and a Tray. All of the pieces come in three colors: Tierra (earth), Luna (moon), and Ceniza (ash).

It’s worth noting that all of the pieces are dishwasher- and microwave-safe and have held up to daily use thus far. It’s a fact I already love about them: I want to use them every single day, and fortunately, I can thanks to some of the more modern approaches the studio takes. 

Masienda Ceramic Mezcal Set with Cups & Carafe


To buy: Ceramic Mezcal Set, $95 at

If I had to pick a favorite from the collection, it would definitely be the Mezcal Set. It includes a carafe and cork stopper, and four copas, or cups for serving mezcal. You might want to be seated when you pour — it seems like everytime I carry these with mezcal I end up covered in liquid, but beyond that, they fit well in the hand. I recommend adding the La Compa Tray to this set, as it is an ideal place to put orange slices as a palate cleanser between sips. It all comes color-coordinated, and in my opinion, only heightens the already enjoyable experience of sipping mezcal.

Masienda Muy Buenos Días Bundle, Dripper Set


To buy: Muy Buenos Días Bundle, $95 at

But the Muy Buenos Días Bundle is not to be outdone. Included is a mug, a dripper for pour-over, and some coffee beans. The dripper fits perfectly on top of the mug, and looks almost as good when not in use as it is when brewing coffee. And as for the mug, the handle protrudes towards the top, making it fun to hold. I’ve used it every day since it arrived on my doorstep.

There are few things as enjoyable as a quality set of ceramics, and Masienda and La Chicharra Cerámica are making it easier to acquire than I thought possible. If you want some truly unique, beautiful Oaxacan ceramics, head to Masienda, and indulge yourself. You deserve it. 

Masienda Ceramic Mugs by La Chicharra


To buy: Ceramic Mugs, $38 at

Masienda Ceramic Mezcal Cups


To buy: Ceramic Mezcal Cups, $60 at

Masienda Ceramic La Compa Tray by La Chicharra


To buy: Ceramic La Compa Tray, $45 at

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