Martinelli’s Sparkling Cider Is Infused into McConnell’s New Holiday Ice Cream Flavor

The two California-based brands call these pints "a Central Coast Thanksgiving celebration."

Martinelli's Apple Cider & Cranberry Jam Ice Cream

Tana Gandhi

Founded in 1868, the Watsonville, California-based Martinelli's is possibly the most recognizable brand of non-alcoholic cider in the country — and their champagne-style bottles of sparkling cider are a classic alcohol-free alternative during the fall and winter cider season. Over 80 years later and over 200 miles south, McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream was established in Santa Barbara in 1949 and has recently expanded to six scoop shops in the state.

Now, these two long-running California brands are collaborating for the first time on a product they say is built for the holiday season: Martinelli’s Apple Cider & Cranberry Jam Ice Cream.

Martinelli's Apple Cider & Cranberry Jam Ice Cream

Tana Gandhi

Billed by the brands as "a Central Coast Thanksgiving celebration," this new flavor "features Martinelli's crisp, sweet, effervescent, delicious Sparkling Apple Cider infused into McConnell’s sweet cream ice cream, backed by ribbons and ribbons of McConnell’s house-made tart cranberry jam to create the ultimate Thanksgiving Day dessert."

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"Martinelli's has been a holiday favorite for generations," Gun Ruder, president and CEO of S. Martinelli’s & Co., stated in an announcement detailing the cider brand's first-ever ice cream collaboration. "We wanted to make this season even more memorable by creating a uniquely flavored limited-edition ice cream and California-based McConnell's was the perfect partner. They’ve successfully captured the essence of Thanksgiving in one scoop of ice cream."

Of course, one key characteristic of Martinelli's Sparkling Cider is the "sparkling," so if you're wondering whether the ice cream itself is in any way bubbly, a representative for the brand told Food & Wine, "surprisingly the infusion process didn't knock out the bubbles entirely, so there is a slight zingy, effervescent quality to the flavor."

If you’re interested in spooning out your cider instead of sipping it, pints will be available starting today, November 4, while supplies last through the McConnell’s online store at (minimum order of four pints), in McConnell’s scoop shops, and at select retailers nationwide.

Meanwhile, Martinelli's and McConnell's aren’t the only beverage and ice cream brands working together this year to make something special for the holidays. Last month, the Ohio-based Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams teamed up with Tennessee’s Uncle Nearest Premium Whiskey for a Boozy Eggnog ice cream. And yet, just like with Martinelli's cider ice cream, this "whiskey" ice cream is also alcohol-free.

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