Martha Stewart Just Launched a Collection at Amazon, Including Cookware and Dining Essentials That Start at $23

Discover colorful Dutch ovens, kitchen tools, bowls, and dinnerware.

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Martha Stewart; pieces from her collection with Amazon

Sean Zanni / Patrick McMullan via Getty Images; Amazon

You can say that Martha Stewart is the queen of creating stylish and functional home must-haves. So when she launches an entire collection filled with interesting cookware and dining essentials, you don’t walk—you run. Especially when everything is available right on Amazon with prices starting at just $23. 

You can score colorful pots, pans, and Dutch ovens as well as kitchen knives and storage containers. And of course, there’s tons for entertaining including dinnerware sets, glasses, and cutlery. It’s all part of The World of Martha storefront on Amazon, which by the way, also has home decor, bedding, bath accessories and more in case you’re interested. 

As you can tell, there’s tons to sift through. To help you navigate the store, we compiled a list of some cookware and dining must-haves that you have to have on your radar. 

Martha Stewart Cookware

If it’s time to update your pots and pans, why not opt for options that look stylish, too? That’s where these picks come in. You can opt for the essentials, which is what you’ll get with the Lockton two-piece fry pan set. Both the 10- and 12-inch pan have an enameled nonstick surface, and the set is  available in three colors including gray, cream, and aqua. 

Martha’s collection also includes Dutch ovens like this pretty cast iron one that has a unique design ensuring it’ll stand out. Plus, its 3-quart capacity is perfect for chilis, soups, and stews. And if baking is your thing, this three-piece set will be a favorite. It comes with three different sizes to accompany various dishes and has a stoneware design that can withstand up to 450 degree Fahrenheit. Oh, and it comes in six gorgeous colors.   

MARTHA STEWART Lockton 2 Piece


To buy: Lockton 2-Piece Aluminum Nonstick Fry Pan Set, $65 at

MARTHA STEWART Gatwick 7 QT Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven, Red Ombre


To buy: Gatwick 7-Quart Enamel Cast Iron Dutch Oven, $80 at

Martha Stewart Thayer 12-Quart Stock Pot w/ Lid


To buy: Thayer 12-Quart Stock Pot with Lid, $50 at

Martha Stewart Eastholm 3-Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven


To buy: Eastholm 3-Quart Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven, $50 at

MARTHA STEWART 3 Piece Oven to Table Stoneware Bakeware Set


To buy: 3-Piece Oven to Table Stoneware Bakeware Set, $40 at

Martha Stewart Lockton Nonstick 10 Piece Enamel Aluminum Cookware Set


To buy: Lockton Nonstick 10-Piece Enamel Aluminum Cookware Set, $170 at

Martha Stewart Lockton 12" Essential All Purpose Pan


To buy: Lockton 12-Inch Essential All Purpose Pan, $50 at

 Martha Stewart Castelle 8-Quart Stainless Steel Stock Pot w/ Lid


To buy: Castelle 8-Quart Stainless Steel Stock Pot, $40 at

Martha Stewart Kitchen Tools

For all your cooking and baking, you’re sure to need some worthy kitchen essentials like spoons, knives, and mixing bowls. This cooking tool set, for example, comes with all the cooking spoons you could ever need. Think:Ladles, slotted options, and of course, serving spoons for just $30. However, if you want the cooking basics, go with this wooden set that comes with two spoons and two turners. This colorful knife set isn’t too shabby, either. It comes with several steak knives plus santoku, utility, and bread knives that display nicely in its wooden block. 

Martha Stewart 5 Piece Sprucedale Tools and Gadget Set


To buy: 5-Piece Sprucedale Tools and Gadget Set, $30 at 

MARTHA STEWART Eastwalk 14pc Stainless Steel Cutlery Knife Block Set


To buy: Eastwalk 14-Piece Stainless Steel Cutlery Knife Block Set, $60 at

Martha Stewart Lochner 18" x 12" Beech Wood Cutting Board w/Juice Groove


To buy: Lochner Beech Wood Cutting Board, $30 at

Martha Stewart Bainford 4-Piece Wooden Kitchen Tool Set - Walnut


To buy: Bainford 4-Piece Wooden Kitchen Tool Set, $35 at



To buy: 5-Piece Richburn Tools and Gadget Set, $35 at

MARTHA STEWART Hoyt 8 pc Round Mixing Bowl Set


To buy: Hoyt 8-Piece Round Mixing Bowl Set, $40 at

MARTHA STEWART Broadbrook 3 Piece 4 Qt


To buy: Broadbrook 3-Piece Stoneware Bowl Set, $45 at

 MARTHA STEWART Rhinewell Mirror Polish 6


To buy: Rhinewell Mirror Polish 6-Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowls, $30 at

Martha Stewart Dining Essentials

And to serve up everything you’re cooking, you’ll need some classy dishes and glassware—and these Martha-approved options are just the thing. For a timeless look, you can’t go wrong with this 16-piece dinnerware set that includes dinner and dessert plates, as well as deep bowls, and even mugs. Yep, it’s the whole package for just $70. For a pop of excitement, opt for the Gracie Lane 12-piece set that features a colorful lip and a golden rim. And these fun glass tumblers and goblets make a statement, especially if you choose them in an interesting, yet sophisticated hue. 

 Martha Stewart Maepoole Porcelain Embossed 16 pc Dinnerware Set


To buy: Maepoole Porcelain Embossed 16-Piece Dinnerware Set, $70 at

Martha Stewart Gracie Lane 12 pc Porcelain Decorated Dinnerware Set


To buy: Gracie Lane 12-Piece Porcelain Decorated Dinnerware Set, $70 at

MARTHA STEWART Coban 3 pc 13" Round Wood Salad Bowl W/ 2 Servers


To buy: Coban 3-Piece 13-Inch Round Wood Salad Bowl with Servers, $50 at

Martha Stewart Highbrook 11" Handmade Jadeite Glass Cake Stand


To buy: Highbrook 11-Inch Handmade Jadeite Glass Cake Stand, $38 at

MARTHA STEWART Lots of Lemons Placemat Set


To buy: Lots of Lemons Placemat Set, $23 at

Martha Stewart Watercliffe 16 pc Flatware Set Stainless Steel


To buy: Watercliffe 16-Piece Flatware Set, $30 at

MARTHA STEWART Chauncey 4-Pack 14.3 oz Hobnail Handmade Glass Tumbler


To buy: Chauncey 4-Pack Hobnail Handmade Glass Tumbler, $40 at

MARTHA STEWART Chauncey 4-Pack 14.2 oz Hobnail Handmade Glass Goblet


To buy: Chauncey 4-Pack Hobnail Handmade Glass Goblet, $40 at

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