By Justine Sterling
Updated July 07, 2014

A Columbus, Ohio, man named Zack Danger Brown wants to make his first-ever potato salad and he’s asking the Internet to help him out. Brown started a Kickstarter campaign for his potato salad with an initial goal of $10 and people really got behind it—like, really, really got behind it. The project has raised more than $10,000 and there are still 25 days to go. With the extra money, Brown says he will rent out a party hall and “invite the whole Internet” to a potato salad party. He also promises to hire a professional videographer to film the making of his highly anticipated salad. Contribution incentives include potato salad–themed hats, potato salad haikus, input on what goes into the salad and Brown saying your name out loud while he makes the salad. Also the disturbing “Receive a bite of the potato salad,” with no promises as to how that will be fulfilled. Brown has until December to follow through.