Get Restaurant-Quality Cookware at a Discount During Made In’s Big Presidents Day Sale

Its bestsellers are up to 30% off.

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We all need reliable cookware and kitchen tools in our lives. That’s why now is the time to take advantage of the rare deals in Made In’s Presidents Day sale

If you haven't heard of Made In, the brand is known for its pro-level cookware without the massive price tag. And its Presidents Day weekend sale, which runs from February 17 through February 20, is here to help lower those prices even more. 

You’re in luck too, since the brand’s bestsellers span several categories, like carbon steel cookware, glassware, knives, and more — all up to 30% off. Shop seven of its most-loved sets and pieces before the sale ends Monday. 

Best Made In Cookware Deals to Shop 

There are so many essentials to pick up — and one of its bestselling pieces is the carbon steel frying pan. The material has the same heat distribution and heat retention as your classic cast iron, and naturally builds up a nonstick seasoning too. But carbon steel weighs less than cast iron, making this 3-pound skillet easier to handle.

When we tested Made In’s carbon steel pan against other leading brands, its slick surface easily released scrambled eggs and produced golden, crispy chicken skin. We also appreciated that its long and balanced handle made it one of the easiest to maneuver. Use it on your induction stove, or throw it in any oven, since it can withstand temperatures up to 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit.  

MADE IN Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan

Made In

To buy: 10-Inch Blue Carbon Steel Frying Pan, $63 (originally $79) at

We aren’t the only fans. The pan has a 4.8-star rating from over 9,300 reviewers on Made In’s website. “I love my 10-inch so much that I plan to buy the 12-inch,” one wrote. “I have enjoyed seasoning it myself; it's really easy peasy. Also, the more you cook with it the better it gets. It's almost addictive.” Score it for just $63 right now, or you can even grab it in one of the brand’s top-selling sets. 

The carbon steel fry set comes stacked with three essentials: 10- and 12-inch carbon steel frying pans, along with an 8.75-inch carbon steel grill pan. This unique piece is designed with perforated holes at the bottom, that way you can still optimize the heat and char marks from the grill, while keeping smaller bits from falling into the grates. 

The Carbon Steel Sets 3-Piece Carbon Fry Set

Made In

To buy: 3-Piece Carbon Steel Fry Set, $199 (originally $284) at

This material is chef-loved for its versatility, and it’s the perfect thing to grab before warm-weather cooking begins. You can use the standard fry pans in the stovetop, oven, or grill all year-round for cooking anything from proteins to stewed fruits, plus the perforated pan is an essential as we enter grilling season, especially if you’re looking to sear ingredients like brussel sprouts or green beans. 

In addition to the pans, the set includes a seasoning wax to help get you started. “I liked all the info and seasoning substances that came with the pans almost as well as the pans themselves,” one person wrote. 

They continued to say that they love the weight, craftsmanship, and how they’re simple to clean, adding, “I've experienced the same ease of use and quality of cooking as I get from my beloved cast iron without the strain on my hands and wrist.” 

MADE IN The Stainless Sets

Made In

To buy: 10-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Sets, $663 (originally $884) at

Another popular item you might want to get your hands on is Made In’s stainless steel cookware set. You’ll get six piece of cookware, four of which come with a lid: a 10-inch nonstick frying pan, 10-inch stainless clad frying pan, 2-quart stainless clad saucepan and lid, 4-quart stainless clad saucepan and lid, 3.5-quart stainless clad saute pan and lid, and an 8-quart stainless clad stock pot and lid. The set’s stainless steel pieces are made from five layers of metal, which means they have excellent heat retention. 

With the stainless sets garnering over 18,000 perfect ratings, it’s best not to miss the 25% off deal while you can grab it. And, the nonstick frying pan, which is included in the set, has raked up over 10,000 of its own five-star reviews of its own. 

MADE IN The Knife Set Truffle Black

Made In

To buy: 4-Piece Knife Set, $325 (originally $406) at

Made In’s Presidents Day sale includes more than pots and pans. Its bestselling knife bundle is also 25% off, and you’ll get every blade you’d really need. It comes with an 8.5-inch chef’s knife, which is perfect for dicing, mincing, chopping, or slicing onions, shallots, peppers, herbs, and more. You’ll also get a 6-inch nakiri knife for prep work, since it’s especially good at chopping, slicing, and cutting vegetables. The set’s two other blades are a 9-inch serrated bread knife and a nearly 4-inch paring knife for delicate or smaller everyday tasks. 

These knives were made to be as durable as German steel knives, but as accurate as Japanese knives, thanks to their fully forged stainless steel body. They’re a single piece of steel, making them balanced, and the handles are designed to be slip-resistant. Plus, you can grab the set with different colors handles, like red, black, blue, and even wood. 

For high-quality kitchen basics at an affordable price, don’t miss the bestsellers on sale at Made In this Presidents Day weekend. From famous cookware pieces to glassware to knives, there’s something for everyone. Shop more of the brand’s on-sale bestsellers below, or scan the sale for even more items

MADE IN The Glassware Set

Made In

To buy: 12-Piece Glassware Set, $138 (originally $197) at

MADE IN Non Stick Frying Pan

Made In

To buy: 3-Piece Nonstick Frying Pan Set, $290 (originally $387) at

MADE IN Enameled Cast Iron Set

Made In

To buy: 2-Piece Enameled Cast Iron Set, $261 (originally $348) at

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