These Pinch Bowls Are Just $13, and I Swear They’ll Make Cooking More Enjoyable

They’re easy to clean and store.

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When I was first learning to bake, my kitchen inevitably devolved into disarray. Halfway through a baking project, there would be stacks of dirty spoons and measuring cups piled up in the sink, splatters of olive oil on containers of salt, baking powder strewn around, and spices tipped over and scattered all over the counters. It was chaos. Then I discovered a method of cooking used by professional chefs everywhere: Mise en place. 

The French term meaning “everything in its place,” refers to what supplies and ingredients the home cook (or baker, in my case) needs to gather before even one tablespoon of flour is dumped in your stand mixer. And the key to any well-organized mise en place is a set of pinch bowls. While I usually use a ceramic set of pinch bowls in my kitchen, this glass version might be even better. In fact, I’ve been considering grabbing them, and it might be the perfect time, especially since they’re just $13 right now.

Luminarc Stackable 3 Inch Glass Pinch Bowl,


To buy: Luminarc Set of 6 Stackable 3-Inch Glass Pinch Bowls, $13 (originally $14) at

Best for smaller teaspoon and tablespoon portions of ingredients, pinch bowls cut down drastically on mess. Measure out the ingredients before you start — whether it's a teaspoon of salt or four tablespoons of olive oil — then wash the measuring spoons and cups right after so they aren’t taking up space in the sink or counter all day. 

More importantly, however, is how much more seamless and efficient the cooking process becomes when you use pinch bowls to organize your ingredients. Once you’re ready to start cooking, all you have to do is grab the bowl containing each ingredient and pour it into the pot or mixing bowl. Never again will you have to interrupt the cooking process to wash another measuring cup, find the right ingredient, and measure it out —  especially important if you’re cooking a time-sensitive dish that could be ruined if you don’t act quickly like stir-fry.  

No more frantically searching for an ingredient as your sauce burns. No more (or least far less) spills and splashes as you try to pour sugar or soy sauce into a pot directly from its container. When you’re done, simply rinse them out. 

This glass set in particular is appealing because they’re transparent, which makes it easier to keep track of your ingredients. In addition, these are stackable so they’re easier to store than my ceramic set. I also see glass pinch bowls in Youtube tutorials from my favorite chefs, including Binging With Babish and Chef John of Food Wishes. While these may not be the exact brand, the glass pinch bowl is clearly a pro favorite. 

These pinch bowls have racked up some great reviews thanks to their design and durability. “Sister is a new baker. These bowls help with keeping eye on ingredients and ease in mixing,” wrote one reviewer

Another shopper who wanted to get more organized in the kitchen wrote, “I needed them to portion my [spices] before I actually started putting my recipes together. There is nothing worse than trying to shake out your ingredients while you are cooking.”

If you’re ready to approach cooking and baking like a pro, you need a set of pinch bowls. Once you start using this glass set, you’ll wonder how you ever got through a recipe without them. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $13. 

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