This Reddit User Seasoned Their Cast Iron Pan 80 Times ‘for Science’—Now We’re Eyeing This On-Sale Lodge

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Lodge L5SK3 Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet


If you’ve ever seasoned a cast iron pan, you know that the results are always game changing. What was already a do-it-all pan quickly becomes a slicker, more nonstick workhorse with just some vegetable oil and time on the stove or in the oven. Among cast iron fanatics, seasoning is kind of like mowing your lawn — it’s a chore to take pride in. But recently, one person took it way over the top.

Reddit user fatmummy22 seasoned their pan 80 times for “science.” The results are breathtaking — I for one have never seen a pan this shiny that wasn’t made from stainless steel. 

You can watch the pan go from eight coats, to 25 coats, to 50 coats to 70 coats, where the eggs they cook glide around like they’re on an ice rink — the ultimate test, some say. At 80 coats, the pan is so shiny, one user commented, “dude, hang up your bathroom mirror.”  

If a cast iron pan like this one can drive someone to season it 80 times just for fun, think of all the possibilities you can dream up in your kitchen. The good news for anyone looking to get into cast iron (or to season excessively), right now you can grab a great cast iron skillet from Lodge that comes pre-seasoned while it’s 43% off at Amazon.

Lodge L5SK3 Pre Seasoned Cast Iron Skillet


To buy: Lodge 8-Inch Cast Iron Skillet, $15 (originally $26) at

Most people and chefs who love cast iron swear by Lodge (including us). And at a price like this, this pan is worth snapping up in a hurry. It’ll give you great heat retention when searing steaks, is nonstick enough to cook cornbread in (without 80 layers of seasoning), and can even be used over a campfire.

All in all, it’s a pan you’ll form a relationship with. You can pass down to your kids — or you can season it 80 times. The choice is yours. But one thing is certain: It won’t be 43% off for long

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