These 5 Tools for Are Essential for Caring for Cast Iron—and Prices Start at Just $6

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Cast iron cookware has almost too many benefits to count. It retains heat well, is simple to use, and is compatible with any stovetop, even an open flame. It’s even easy to clean, which is great because while cooking is an enjoyable activity, doing the dishes is not. 

But with all that being said, there are some essential steps you need to take to care for your cast iron cookware. Thankfully, Lodge, a leading brand in cast iron that has been making it since 1896, has some great products to help out. From seasoning spray to keep your skillet in tiptop shape to rust erasers for restoring old pans, there are some great tools to check out, right on Amazon. Best of all, prices start at just $6. 

The Best Lodge Cast Iron Care Tools on Amazon

Seasoning Spray

Lodge A-SPRAY Seasoning Spray


To buy: $12 at

All of Lodge’s cast iron pieces are designed for years of use, but you need to season them to ensure nothing sticks. This seasoning spray from the brand is 100% canola oil, and has adjustable spray settings to ensure you get an even coat on your cookware. This will help prevent any tackiness or over-seasoned or under-seasoned areas. 

2-Pack of Grill Pan Scrapers

Lodge SCRAPERGPK Durable Grill Pan Scrapers


To buy: $6 at

Lodge’s Grill Pans are great for achieving stunning sear marks while indoors, but if food gets stuck in between the ridges, it can be difficult to clean. These grill scrapers solve that problem. They have little teeth designed to fit into the ridges, making it easy to remove food from crevices and corners. And because they’re made from molded polycarbonate, they won’t scratch your pan while you scrape. You can also use the straight edge on flat surfaces like traditional skillets, griddles, and more. 

10-Inch Scrub Brush

Lodge SCRBRSH Scrub Brush


To buy: $9 at

Because Lodge recommends cleaning its cast iron with a bristled brush, it only makes sense it makes one perfect for the task. This 10-inch brush is in many ways, an oversized toothbrush. It has an ergonomic design and dense bristles that won’t harm your seasoning, saving you time and effort. 

Rust Eraser 

Rust Eraser


To buy: $10 (originally $12) at

If you don’t use your cast iron pan for a while, rust might build up. And that’s not the end of the world. This rust eraser removes rust and restores a cast iron pan to bare iron. You’ll need to season your pan after using this, but it just goes to show, it’s impossible to ruin cast iron. 

Enameled Cast Iron & Stoneware Cleaning Kit

Lodge Enameled Cast Iron & Ceramic Stoneware Care Kit


To buy: $20 (originally $30) at

Because Lodge also makes excellent enameled cast iron cookware like Dutch ovens, it has also come up with a set of tools designed for cleaning that type of cookware. This care kit includes a scraper brush, a bottle of cleaner, and lid protectors that help you preserve the enamel from chipping during storage. Bottom line: It has everything you need to keep your Dutch oven looking good as new. 

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