It's Official: Little Caesars’ Pretzel Crust Pizza Is Coming Back

Little Caesars heard your plea.

We still have a full work week before April Fool’s Day, but some brands seem to be getting a head start on their annual pranks. A few days ago, Little Caesars teased the arrival of a new kind of pizza crust on their social media channels. “After years of begging, we’re finally giving it to you,” the company wrote on Instagram. “The Crust the World Craves is coming.” 

The next day, it revealed that the crust in question was…made of corn cobs. (Sigh.) According to another Insta-post, those corn-covered pies were made with “hearty American-grown corn” and “a two-liter bottle of liquefied butter.” They tried to keep the corn thing going for another several days before revealing on Monday that, no, the real launch was a pretzel-crust pizza

Little Caesars’ Pretzel Crust Pizza originally debuted in 2014, and, in the years since it disappeared from menus, the chain’s fans have flat-out begged for it to come back. The large pie has a butter-flavored pretzel crust — without the need for two liquefied liters’ worth — and is topped with a cheddar cheese sauce, mozzarella and Muenster cheese, and pepperoni. 

It’s also available in a stuffed crust version, or you can swap the cheddar sauce for a tomato-based pizza sauce. The Pretzel Crust makes its triumphant return today, Monday, March 27, and has a suggested retail price of $6.99 plus tax. 

Little Caesars Pretzel Crust Pizza

Courtesy of Little Caesars Pizza

"We are thankful to have countless Pretzel Crust Pizza fans that are extremely vocal about their love for this product," Greg Hamilton, Little Caesars’ Chief Marketing Officer, said in a statement. "Despite bringing it back several times, it feels like the pretzel fervor has not waned. We're bracing ourselves for the predictable outcry on social media when it eventually goes away again."

If traditional crust is more your jam, then Little Caesars is currently running a promotion for a large two-topping pizza for $7.99. To redeem this offer, just order your pie with your two fave toppings online or through the Little Caesars app, and use the cod TOPPINGS1 at checkout. That offer is good at participating locations until Sunday, April 2. 

It sounds like the Pretzel Crust Pizza may not stick around forever, so enjoy it while you can. And if anything can help you cope with what’s sure to be a week of Brands Making Jokes before April Fool’s Day, it’s probably a slice of pizza.

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