By Mike Pomranz
Updated January 20, 2015

Generally, when we think of food as beauty products, it’s an avocado face mask or something normal people might do. But that’s because we’re obviously not outside-the-box thinkers like Youtuber Katharine Ward, who turned her leftover Oreos into mascara.

Ward is a self-proclaimed “16-year-old beauty guru” whose xxMakeUpIsCoolxx YouTube channel has amassed a solid 300,000-plus subscribers by dishing out “DIY, fashion, makeup and even cooking videos.”

In a recent video, the young Chicagoan gave advice on the rather bizarre idea of turning cookies into makeup. The process is relatively simple, though, as BuzzFeed points out, it’s also needlessly expensive—the primer and Oreos alone cost more than just buying some mascara at the store.

Still, it could be a fun little food project. The video did generate plenty of debate over whether it’s a good idea to get crushed Oreos that close to your eyeballs. But if wearing cookie-based mascara is your thing, you’re obviously a risk-taker.