By Clara Olshansky
Updated December 16, 2016
banning ugly christmas sweaters
Credit: © Ryan J. Lane / Getty Images

This guy is pretty much what would happen if Ebenezer Scrooge became a bartender. Alan Murphy, the owner of three pubs in East Yorkshire, England, has banned ugly Christmas sweaters and any other Christmas-themed apparel in his pubs after 8pm each night. So what does he have against Christmas wear, or, as some call it in England, fancy dress? Apparently it's just not the vibe he's going for.

As Murphy told the Hull Daily Mail, "We have spent a fortune making this place nice and we feel we need this dress code, much in the same way some upmarket restaurants won't allow sportswear." Murphy's three pubs—the Lion and Lion and Key, Hawkes, and Walters, all in the town of Kingston upon Hull—are all abiding by the anti-ugly-sweater policy.

Murphy claims it's a way to keep large groups of young men, like bachelor party groups and office parties, out of his relatively small pubs and to keep them open for the usual clientele, which, as Murphy says, consists of "couples and older people." After all, why would he besmirch the pubs' established reputations? "During the festive period, we want to be a haven of tranquillity for those looking to have a civilised drink in the evening." Wouldn't want any rowdy, uncivilized activity, like, say, wearing a sweater with a reindeer on it.

But hey, when it comes down to it, according to Alan Murphy, he has the sweater-wearers' best interests at heart. As he explains, "We are also doing these guys a favour. We don't sell alcopops and lager on tap." Thanks, Alan Murphy, for keeping the joyful, festive Christmas spirit out for everyone's own good.