By Chris Mah
Updated February 26, 2015

You love your broccoli. You live for sweet potatoes. You want to name your firstborn Kale. We get it, you love your veggies and are looking for ways to express this love. Ever consider a tattoo? We aren’t talking about anything permanent (just in case). Tater Tats, a new Michigan-based business, has created temporary tattoos of all your favorite leafy greens and hearty root vegetables.

Founded by farmer Jenna Weiler, the concept for the company was born when Weiler jokingly told friends that she should get a bean tattooed on her arm to remind her of the appropriate size for harvesting. Her joke quickly evolved into a fun new product that lets kids and adults wear their enthusiasm for fresh, healthy produce. Tater Tats come in three different and seasonally appropriate packs of four, featuring radishes, lettuce, peas and asparagus in the spring; tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers and eggplant for summer; and beets, leeks, squash and pumpkin for fall. By grouping the tattoos seasonally, Weiler explains, kids and adults can learn which crops grow together and when.

The company is trying to raise money on its Kickstarter page in order to fund the first round of manufacturing and get the product into stores and farmers' markets. Each pack of four tattoos costs $5, and 10 percent of the profits are shared with two local farming partners for seeds and equipment.

While Tater Tats wear off in about three days, their product inspired NPR to scour Instagram for the best permanent veggie tattoos on the internet. We have to give it to these folks—this kind of enthusiasm for vegetables can’t be beet.