Yoda Food Art
Credit: Photographer: Paulius Zaborskis; Installation Author: Jolita Vaitkute

Careful how you look at it, because this incredibly detailed portrait of Yoda can only be viewed from one angle - look at it from anywhere else, and all you're going to see is a bunch of strangely arranged food. The portrait, which spans four tables, is comprised of many kinds of cookies, some glasses of milk, a variety of other desserts, a bit of cutlery, and more.

The portrait is a collaboration between food artist Jolita Vaitkute and photographer Paulius Zaborskis. It's no jedi mind trick - it's anamorphic art. Anamorphic art basically just means art that takes advantage of the way we see to make an image that only appears if you look at it a certain way. Here's what it looks like from another angle.

This particular creation was made for a Star Wars-themed party, but the impressive trick of the eye isn't the only edible work of portraiture that Vaitkute's created. She did a series where she turned hot dogs into a bunch of cultural icons, including Harry Potter, Mario, Homer Simpson, Batman, and Santa Claus. She's also made portraits carved from apples, made from assembled fruits, arranged out of bread crumbs, and you may remember the mural she made by compiling 1,064 carefully burnt slices of toast. Meanwhile, Zaborskis has focused more on fashion photography in the past, but really, who's more of a fashion icon than the little green guy himself?