20% off all cookware is just the beginning.
Credit: Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

It's a classic problem: the winter holidays have come and gone, but you're still craving just a few more things from that gleaming culinary wonderland that is Williams-Sonoma. While, to be honest, it's hard to ever not be craving more goodies from the beloved retailer, there's already something to help satisfy your needs, with Williams-Sonoma's first sale of 2018 happening this Martin Luther King Day Jr. Weekend.

The sale, which runs through to Monday, is the perfect time to finally pick up that pot, pan, or pretty much any other kitchen tool you've been planning on upgrading to forever. Has New Years cleaning has finally cleared the space you need to make diner-level breakfast on a double-burner Lodge Cast-Iron Griddle ($48, orig. $60)? Or do you want to save room with Food & Wine's small kitchen pick, Calphalon's Space-Saving Cookware Set (#360, orig. $450)?

Either way, the day may finally have come to become the owner of a Himalayan Salt Plate ($32, orig. $40). Unless, of course, haven't yet committed to the kitchen holy grail that is a Le Creuset Signature Dutch Oven ($80-$320 by size, orig. $100-$400). Oh, and on Monday only, undisputed kitchenware master All-Clad's d5 d5 10 piece set, which normally costs $900, can be had for only $700, a great deal for a kit that will likely keep your kitchen set for life.

But maybe you're looking to upgrade your knife to something truly beautiful—and in that case, you can get an even bigger discount, with up to 60% off cutlery from Shun. Pick up a dazzling go-to with an intricately patterned Shun Hiro 7" Santoku Knife ($200, orig. $375), or replace your whole set with anything from the great value KAI Luna 6-Piece Knife Block Set ($80, orig. $164) to the all-out, award-winning, top-of-the-line Shun Hikari 7-Piecer ($1,200, orig. $1752).

And speaking of chopping, Williams Sonoma's own, slice-simplifying Multi-Chopper ($56, orig. $80), Vegetable Chopper ($35, orig. $50), and Mini Vegetable Chopper ($14, orig. $20) are 30% off as well. And once you've cooked it all, Le Creuset Dinnerwear is 20% off as well—and yes, it does look as good as their enamelware.