Here, the British sisters behind the wellness blog Hemsley + Hemsley share their healthy philosophy of fat.


“It’s nourishing, it tastes incredible and it makes your food more satisfying, so you eat less.” Here, the British sisters behind the wellness blog Hemsley + Hemsley share their healthy philosophy of fat.

“People hear we’re healthy-cooking experts and they say: ‘You would hate my mother. She cooks everything in butter,’” says Jasmine Hemsley. “And we have to explain that actually, we’re massive fans of butter—it’s nourishing, it tastes incredible and it makes your food more satisfying, so you eat less.” Jasmine and her sister Melissa are the nutritional consultants who created the superpopular London-based wellness blog Hemsley + Hemsley. The duo, authors of the best-selling new book The Art of Eating Well, constantly battle misconceptions about the importance of whole fats for everything from weight loss to restful sleep.

While working in the fashion and restaurant industries, the self-taught cooks realized that everyone around them was eating loads of processed, low-fat foods yet still counting calories and miserable. Five years ago, they started a healthy-cooking service with an emphasis on all-natural, full-fat ingredients like dairy, nut butters and meat. Their first clients were understandably skeptical. “One was trying to lose weight, and he could not believe that we’d sent him chicken liver pâté. I think he panicked slightly,” says Jasmine. “But he trusted us, and by the end of the first week his T-shirts fit a little looser. Another had all his friends coming round for dinner—his mum even came down from Manchester to take cooking lessons from us.”

F&W recently invited the Hemsleys to share recipes celebrating some of their favorite full-fat ingredients, like the short ribs they simmer in a brothy stew punched up with star anise and a touch of fish sauce. “The stew is so rich and flavorful; you don’t need to eat tons,” says Melissa. “It stops the cycle of just constantly eating things that are cheap and abundant.”

7 Fats You Should Eat

1. Butter
“We spread lashings onto bread and toss freshly steamed green beans in buttery goodness.”

2. Bone Marrow
“Queen Victoria apparently ate it every day; now it’s a fixture at nose-to-tail restaurants. We love it with red onions, capers and watercress.”

3. Beef and Chicken Fat
“Left over from a roast or skimmed from broth, these are a frugal person’s fats. Store in a jar for stir-fries.”

4. Egg Yolks
“For late-night snacking, we add yolks to mugs of broth or miso soup.”

5. Flaxseed Oil
“Drizzled on salads and in stews, delicate cold-pressed flaxseed oil provides a nutty, complex flavor.”

6. Olive Oil
“The extra-virgin, cold-pressed kind is best used for dressing hot and cold dishes.”

7. Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil
“We add it to smoothies and also use it on our hair and skin—it’s a great makeup remover.”