By Noah Kaufman
Updated July 30, 2014
© Presselect / Alamy

Ever since the infamously successful potato salad Kickstarter, users have flooded the platform trying to win what you might call the potato salad lottery. Like their forebear, most imitators don’t promise to produce much (see: “I’m making a pizza,” “I want to make chocolate chip cookies that don’t suck,” and the almost-funded “We need beer money”). All of these projects fail to dream big and, biggest mistake of all, none of them include Kenny Loggins.

That’s why my friends and I just launched a Kickstarter campaign that does both. As far as my editors and I can tell, it is an unusual project in the world of crowdfunding. It is a Kickstarter for a Kickstarter.

Here’s the story: Last week, I discovered that Kenny Loggins is raising funds to record an album with his alt-country band the Blue Sky Riders. If you have never heard of them, give them a listen. At this point the project is still running but has been fully funded, so everyone can rest easy knowing that a new album will be forthcoming.

But as I looked through the rewards section I also discovered that anyone who gives at the maximum level of $10,000 gets what may be the best reward in Kickstarter history: a concert from Kenny Loggins on your couch. That’s right, he will come to your house and play an acoustic set with the band. But $10,000 is a prohibitively high contribution, so my coconspirators and I had to figure out another way to make the concert happen.

If Kickstarter was good enough for Kenny Loggins, it was certainly good enough for us. So we created a project not only to bring Kenny Loggins to our apartment, but also to share that experience with other fans. Assuming it’s all right with the band, we plan to set up a live feed and broadcast the show to all of the contributors so they can enjoy it as much as we do.

The Loggins album Kickstarter ends on August 14, so we’ve got only 15 days to raise the money before it’s too late.

If you ever dreamed of seeing Kenny Loggins play an acoustic version of “Danger Zone” while sitting on an imitation leather sofa, this is could be your new favorite project.