By Noah Kaufman
Updated September 25, 2014
© Juice Images / Alamy

So, you want to get outside and enjoy a little bit of that fall majesty. Of all the seasons, fall is often held up as the best one. If you are questioning it, you probably don’t live in a place where fall exists (we’re looking at you, SoCal).

Now, it’s time to figure out which little slice of Americana is your favorite.

1. Taking a Hayride

Do you want to sit in an itchy wooden cart behind a horse that is constantly stopping to relieve itself? Then, have we got an activity for you! Though they are probably grounded in some useful past activity like transportation from farm to farm in Kansas, hayrides are now a way for people who live in buildings with doormen to use #quaint on Instagram.

2. Visiting a Pumpkin Patch

More of an autumn necessity than an activity of choice. The best part is trying to pick the biggest, most wrinkly pumpkin. The worst part is trying to carry your 45-pound, stretch-marked pumpkin out of the patch.

3. Leaf Peeping

Not just an activity for retired New Englanders, going to look at expansive vistas full of breathtaking colors is actually fun. It’s like going to an outdoor art museum. We cannot recommend the Green and White mountains enough. Just don’t bring binoculars. They’re the leaf peeping equivalent of a fanny pack.

4. Apple Picking

The apple orchard is the hotter, more fun cousin of the pumpkin patch. You get to come away with pounds and pounds of apples, often with types they don’t sell at the grocery store. It also makes for an inexpensive and totally nonthreatening first date. Go ahead, put “apple-picking enthusiast” in your Tinder profile and watch how many matches you get.

5. Jumping in a Pile of Leaves

A shockingly underrated activity enjoyed by humans and dogs alike. It also makes for an inexpensive first date, although if you put it in your online profile it’s possible you’ll be dismissed as a man- or lady-child.

6. Running in a Corn Maze

There is a very bad movie called The Maize about children trapped in a demonic-infested corn maze. Don’t watch it, just know that it exists. Going into an actual corn maze is a lot like watching that movie. When you’re in the middle of it you’re confused and uncomfortable with what’s going on, and when you’re done you wish you had that portion of your life back to do over. Unless you’re creepy. Then this is a great Sunday activity.