Credit: © The Horticult / Ryan Benoit Photo

Warm weather and long days mean it's time to do some serious al fresco dining. And there’s currently no better way to do it than on the Field to Vase communal dining tour. The cross-country dinner series unites local chefs and regional flower farms for meals as Instagram-worthy as they sound.

© California Cut Flower Commission

The gist is simple: Field to Vase offers family-style suppers in open fields from Monterey, California, to Washington, DC. And they do it all in the name of benefiting family-run flower operations like Oregon Flowers, Inc. and community-minded urban agriculture hubs such as Brooklyn Grange.

Drink and dine with local chefs and growers before heading home with fresh blooms and handmade decor. (We spotted ombre-hued ranunculus table runners, custom flower crowns and grins galore among The Horticult's field notes from a recent Carlsbad, California, event.)

© California Cut Flower Commission

At $175 to $225 per person, tickets aren't cheap—but they're certainly on par with the sweaty summer music fests and drink-till-dawn summer Friday carousing everybody seems to be "investing" in this time of year. (No judgment, guys.)

Just consider Field to Vase a fresh alternative.

This way to tickets and dates and your best-smelling summer dinner date ever.